Post funny moments in-game!


You scammed me!? :<
But you p-promised it was special! You said it would grant immortality! </3


good thing the realm was shaking or I would’ve died in a fat nanosecond


What? I- I was kidding! It definitely is special! :sob: would I lie to you about smth like that?

I probably would…


ngl that looks like the rotmg ost album art


Surprised you didn’t dc


Oh my god I thought of the same thing, idk why but the ghost gods really click that similarity for me


Me too, would’ve loved to see the fame and blue bags from a plague poison on that mob



I believe I found at least one more after this one. That’s a total of 7 treasure chests in one Davy’s.


Find out how to get 8 wis in 5 min, deca HATES this!


Okay. Nexus is closed


Same shot, but from a different angle in usw4


I love it


Think this may have been a different nexus, lol


Where ?


USWest. That was yesterday morning though.


beyblade beyblade let it rip


how did you not nexus


gamers go down with the ship


NO! My sisters have been fangirling over that show for months now. Bey… blade… BURST! :<

They even got the toys, and the 1 year old is running around with the McDonalds Beyblade toy yelling: “Le i… rip!