Post funny moments in-game!


and did you buy it?






Is this even allowed???


that bitch b banned in 23 hour


they only ban if someone reports


xd girl = basic is the peak of comedy


The post you replied to is 3 years old


This isn’t that funny, but I was looking for a T5 HP ring in one of my mules. Wouldn’t have spotted it if Muledump didn’t make me look a second time.


extremely low effort shitpost


Max MP Sorcerer build hits the stonks market.


nope, max mp scepter is t7


I prefer max wis sorcerer


max wis sorc+honey scepter=999999 targets

EDIT: checked on realmeye, max wis sorc with honey scepter supreme is 19 targets


Red eye meme intensifies


Honestly just go to lowlands and spam it in a sandman convention, that’d be almost as satisfying as using poison


if you spaced the targets out correctly, you could hit something 171 tiles away


So, another rogue and I were running a duo WLab, and he kept cloaking during the boss, naturally. During the final phase, he accidentally dragged some common enemies into the field, which, given the like tile pattern, wouldn’t do for my squishy ninja! So I rushed into the next room to deal with them… right as he cloaked again. It dashed at me, and I quickly ran to the wall, not seeing that I could to through it - and this stupid thing followed me all the way into the T-room…

The rogue (that knave he) kind of just laughed nervously and left. That was the scariest WLab fight I’ve ever encountered, especially for being a ninja! :sweat_smile:


Bard can get more mp


literally a second after he died lmao