Post funny moments in-game!


Reminds me of the “Mantis, look out!” Scene from guardians of the galaxy two once mantis got hit with the rock :joy:


Me: (Solo clearing my home realm)
Dark Guild: (crashes into the realm)

Also Dark:


Git banned for crashing that private O3 run, you miserable crasher!


we still popped anyway, relax bro


Yee thanks for that~ Just found this moment hilarious




Dw, Triforce Syndrome will kick in shortly


the rl of that run is one of my guildies


Dw, Triforce Syndrome will still kick in shortly


i agree


this looks strangely normal


he’s been working all day, give him a break

(sorry for bad edit, i only have iPad screenshot edit function ;-; )


[Oryx the Mad God]: What is another lazy Beach bum doing my Realm?


Hey guys, I’m in this random dude’s video. Starting from 11:48 within the clip.



Also Deca:



its a common PR tactic to allow people to complain about stuff the company will do nothing about but automatically filter it out or throw it into the auto-reply bin.


Heard somewhere that they have it since if the Character Revive option isn’t there, some players may ask the question in other categories, which makes a big mess and wastes the developers’ time.


omg lod alien dragons