Post funny moments in-game!


no, rn mana is worth more than life because of the nest event. everyone has like 50 life pots but no manas


Well CDepth event is coming up.




Well, is it Venmo or cashapp? On very rare exceptions they accept PayPal too.


Not in-game but unfortunate shortening of “Another formatting test” in the recent changes section of the wiki



it’s because 3 life make 1 glife, silly


Yeah, but its stat increase is equal to that of 2 life pots, which is what confuses me


Convenience cost and, well, marketing with one-sided deals have always been a part of this game, and real life, for that matter. It at least used to be more commonplace for people to sell G-life at that price, and DECA allowing you to condense 3 pots into a single G-pot at the tinkerer probably helped to sway that pricing decision for many.

Now, I think storing your pots in your gift chests for the price of a extra pot is worth the cost as opposed to merely buying it from somebody at the same cost, especially because they take up two space on your option rack (might as well use your actual vault space at that point, hmm?), rendering them led than helpful. Non-regular merching players have generally caught on by now, it would appear, but you do see a few of those 1:3 deals floating around in the trading server.


Me selling Shield Rune for a Life (well I converted my spare Helm Rune for that Shield). No, I am not doing this for the meme. I am being serious, I don’t like O3.

And RN, I am selling Helm Rune for 1 Mana as well.

Why so cheap? Because, I don’t take Decas (they could be duped or bought via RTW sites) for the sake of combating RTW and duping. And again, I don’t like O3.


Well, anything can be duped. Life pots are duped a lot too, so the life you get could have been duped as well.


Welp… I only take 1 at least. Deca/UBHP worth a lot more than 1 Life, so that’s bunch of more Lives being duped than 1.





That second one is straight truth.









These all happened in the same WC


WTF is happening to the economy???


Wis is much more of I grind to get than any other pot except maybe vit. I have 5 chars to max in wis atm and almost all of them already have def, atk, dex and some life and mana


it wasn’t… enough… :c