Post funny moments in-game!


laughed at the doctorsex death, then the fungal typo at the end had me laughing even louder


he had the rogue box skin

For Non-Americans, and in case “square” isn’t a slang in your country




That had better be one good looking sandwich.


Oryx got no chill if you kill all the beehomoths at the same time apparently :s

(For the curious: The nest shrinks as usual, and explodes as usual. While it is shrinking, Oryx goes haywire and spams summon and death messages until the nest explodes. No idea why he does that, but interesting regardless. Always wanted to see if it was possible, this is my first time succeeding)


@Mrunibro fix when?


im happy to find out it didnt 2018 mountain temple itself and softlock the realm as designed.

no idea why the spam though. ill check. maybe MakeMinionsBehavior crust assuming the win condition object outlives the objects creator? (the hive).





6,666 BF :eyes:


featuring out very own @prcsakura!


Nervous Pepe face


“Remember to always orientate the drill the correct way” - Steamhammer Mining Co probably


That’s… unfortunate.


never saw anyone call it this before


We finally found the famous 18-19 century musician playing this game.


Deca knows :O


‘hyeperion not found’?


Somebody said he was online a while before, as he’s my fave rotmg YouTuber I tried several times to pm him several times, but none worked. The reason I did multiple was to be sure he wasn’t just going through a portal when I tried first time


You can be Bluecape’s gf and get a glife! What a steal!


Is that why I’ve heard people mention his name? I found him a few months ago and locked him just in case, but I never said anything to him, because I wasn’t sure where he was from. I’ve seen him around several times since. Do you want me to ping you on Discord if I catch him online again?