Post funny moments in-game!


ROTMG YouTubers: “I’ll use my fancy editing skills to blur the screen background so that I can put text over the top of it!”
Me, an intellectual:



uhhh, did I do it right?


I’m prepared to get r/whooshed, but just in case:

Also, are you only missing the armor from the Golem set as well? ):


I figured there was some significance to it but way to lazy to try anything more than a couple answers

got all 3 from st chests, haven’t entered a single halls


I feel like most of us have had that happen at this point. But not all of us got the legendary audio. Very relatable :joy:


Little known fact: numbers aren’t recognizable by enemies when it comes to “activating” them. Hence why you can, for instance, say Read64647485867584y to Skuld and still start the waves in the Haunted Cemetery.


Died to carrots after that 6th counter :confused:



thank you @Turtlpanda


wait is there an easter event going on or something?


There was an Easter event.


shows how out of the current events I am.


rip me wearing headphones :sob:


A non-believer :(
He was looking at my prismimic, not like he had never seen decoys before


He always thought it was just some 0/8 bot before


it is a well known fact that red stars are the worst at the game


my bad lol


they didn’t wasd hard enough


they played using the numpad this is so sad


master of the Nugg