Post funny moments in-game!




He used the fake white prism and tricked himself.




made this after getting tp-slashed during heavens 4 times in a single run


Chef Beisa.

'nuff said.



How to almost lose a top 50 trickster
I thought i equipped coin… but look at armor.


No nexus too, sheeeeesh. B.D.E.

Also, I was doing Ice Caves and realized that this line was still in the game.

Somebody wrote this and said, “yep, this is cool.”



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Forgotten Sentinel forgot which phases he had done and just kept looping them. Took a loonng time because he was only vulnerable for 0.5 second periods.


“shatters isn’t broken”

I’m pretty sure the xml is just barely clinging together, frankly…


Redstar eye bot spoke :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


is theelitedragons an active guild? also weren’t you furyborn before ik its a late question?


Yes I was. I changed my name a few months back.

Active is a relative term :wink:


You’re still in the Discord server as a guest lol

We’re in a lull right now, admittedly. Still a number of guildies that pop online, but mostly to collect calendar rewards. There’s only a few of us playing consistently. I’m not going to revive it until MotMG. I’d like to not do a bunch of purging, because I know a lot of them burned out of playing.


Some shit i say:
“I am a fucking legend”
“I never die”
“first o3 any tips?”


@Joshawsum lmfao good job


dayyum xd do you check suspentions regularly or smth


you forgot “me newb inviet pl0x” or whatever you say when there is a guild post


I say active as in players are 3-4 days a week playing not just collecting daylies