Post funny moments in-game!




spider massacre


Dang mine I took today isn’t even close
spidery spider den


Just me and the gang, going to chill on the beach.



i mean he has a profile picture of an anime game character /s

No, that is not oryx.
Or if it is oryx, you cant blame me cause horned helmets are very common.

You know what? fuck this. His pfp is of the dragonborn from skyrim wearing an iron helmet.

Actually, no, its the elite barbraians from clash royale. Who even plays that game anymore?


helltaker has great a great plot :+1: and the music slaps


oh shit thats helltaker :scream:

i didnt see that


2 day ban for bringing 4/4

I didn’t have an ability but come on…


At least this one was kind about it, but the the logic of some of those Discords never fails to astound me.


who leaked raider wall of infamy






Thank you DarkDaemon for somehow gifting me 1,279 realm gold!




ppe im guessing


Yes I know it’s cringe

Part 2


on my journey to master the s.t.a.f.f., i have met a most interesting individual


used up 8 skin agreements to get the traffic cone trickster and i gotta say im disappointed and grossed out lol.
i thought it would just be a traffic cone trickster but turns out there’s a person underneath the cone who shoots (it looks p disgusting to me lol)
friend liked it tho so i guess it wasnt too bad


Well, that’s a disappointment… but I’ll probably still get it because my Trickster’s a little lower on skins