Post funny moments in-game!



are you sure you dont BEEG it?




I’ve seen that around 20 times now over the years, but it’s always a treat!


the great escape


looks like we might be getting more of these incidents with the event spawnrates >: )


Hey, anything that breaks the monotony of the realms, right? Getting people to slightly change their approaches to fights is a plus in my book.


What did they do with the spawn rates?


Boosted the chance of an event spawn from a 10% chance to a 25% chance, every time a quest or other event is killed:


We had both statues spawn on the same tile, one mt was grade b and the other was grade s


Come back !

I never caught it. Soon after it drifted out of view, and its red dot vanished from the minimap, and clearly wasn’t going to get back to me any time soon.








Hilarious how mad somebody can get.

No, I don’t like to DM bottom damage. I just felt like doing a lil trolling. That guy is the first and only person I’ve DM’ed for bottom damage actually.

The fact is, I don’t care if you get top, mid, or bottom damage. If I don’t get a white bag or a (good) red bag, the run is a catastrophic failure and is a waste of my time. Your damage is irrelevant because it does not correlate to how lucky I am with my loot drops. I don’t play Rotmg to do damage. I play to get loot.

I understand if the guy’s mad, but It’s not like I announced it. I DMed him. He is the one that decided to announce to the entire discord server and reddit that he got bottom damage.

Guy compares a video game to real life. I hope he never plays any sort of game with guns and violence.

“oh yeah i dropped at the school yesterday and got 12 frags!”




biggest fucking facepalm I’ve done in a while :skull:


least ego tripping discord raider


Lot of ego here for a dude who plays on a client.


virgin plays for loot vs. chad plays to have fun