Post funny moments in-game!


Okay I’ll get on rotmg right now. I was just watching a movie XD


lmao u serious u wanna do an ice cave?


Heck yeah!


alright. But ill warn you, I can’t do much.


Okay can you wait like 10 min? I have to help my dad move something heavy




Alright its 11 minutes u done?


On-topic post

that post was on topic lmao
it was just offensive (not really)


Yeah I’m done (I think) Sorry for the wait



are you okay?


You died too?


no but 0 :c


can you rebuild?


I can’t believe I died to that shit. All because my parents came into my room and started distracting the shit out of me.


Trust me, a DreadDrake with a warrior in sight is the LAST THING you want in any of the following dungeons: ice cave tomb shatts lod cem encore theatre abyss udls hell even Sprite world is dangerous if you see me angrily glaring at a warrior.


well the warrior died so… happy now?






Post anything that you think is funny in-game!

Guys pls, don’t have conversations on threads xd


Why not? I made this thread.