Post funny moments in-game!


Awkward silence


Edit: I should tag the player @AgentLemns, oh, Rip nvr mind.


There are at least 14 people on that nearby players list Nevov even though there is only supposed to be 6
So clearly you must be hacking




Levvyy is even on there twice! A clone hack!
/s, what is this escalating to?


Oryx: That’s ENOUGH!

I have to agree with oryx on this one


I think I got everything in this image


“Gonna get hid hard”
Zuzu wasn’t the only sighting
(Is that a ppe?)


it says gonna get hit hard, didn’t notice @Aserilith lol. And yes this is ppe


Typo phone


That won’t be enough to put it out!


Great chat spam it was.


@moderators merge with the funny moments in game thread?


Multiboxers die quite fantastic deaths, I’ll give them that

(Also, OB moved the suggestion to move the post with the post, he needs some proper moving lessons from Nevov)


I made it better.


Me : tries to open the game

game : this account has been banned

Me : wha- *opens GMail

Gmail :

Me, who never sent that kind of Email : what wtf

what happened before :

now look at @EpicNecros reaction :

edit : fuck you @EpicNecros :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow that is actually not cool at all. I hope Deca recognises the amount of trolling that just trusting the person who sent the email could bring.

I hope they actually check the identity of the person who sent it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What really happened








Man, i don’t even know whats happening but I’m pissed. But fr, that is not a cool thing to do @EpicNecros


Can one fucking day go by where this forum doesn’t have a darude shitstorm between two people?