Post funny moments in-game!


Rest in peace symbiotic ripper.


I hate assassin


i dont lel



wait I said hitler was a good person cuz he killed hitler 2 days ago


I mean, that;s jokes been around for a while.


Caged heroes


that is a good place to afk and noone can drag on you


Something to keep in mind: Marking a post as sarcasm doesn’t magically save you from flags… It’s still a overly offensive post whether you meant it or not.


You tell him.


“the person who killed hitler was a saint”
way ive heard it is “i love the person who killed hitler”
they are basically the same thing




Banned from lh discord ;(


That’s actually kind of wierd because saying “pots” in a sentence gets your message flagged as spam, but saying the word alone doesn’t :thinking:


This is rarer than anything I’ve ever gotten.
What the actual fuck

Guill gives you the HP/MP pot chest if you ask “pots”. Would be kinda hard to do when you couldn’t even say it!


I say hp and he yeets that bad boy over


Joined the ranks of Snoke’s Elite Praetorian Guards


Join the guild of @Xxxerx the FAMED PRAETORIAN GUARD


Nah man, I already joined the ELITE Praetorian Guard of the First Order.

Now we shall restore peace and prosperity to the galaxy! Long live the Supreme Leader!