Post funny moments in-game!


had to nexus cuz i was standing still and getting armor broken :^)


Realmeye gives example signatures. But hover over them…


what has realm come to?


I really wonder what the context was?

(taken from a screenshot by @Diamondest)




nice small tomb


Was the tomb at least quick?


Pretty quick. It was a discord, i did like 20. No whites for my ppe, but got other good stuff
pet stone and mini geb skin hehe


Ah I have like no time to go on and I already died once and haven’t had time to restart! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:




Wait… I don’t think you can claim more than one day on the calendar at any time… no?

Which means they duped the thing… (I sure hope I’m wrong. And also, how do you claim the November one after reset?)


Supposedly there are ways to exploit the system and gain access to the entire calendar in one go. Some people were able to claim the Halloween mystery item in early October.


It might be that’s exposed the hole in the system.

If you have multiple unclaimed days, yes you can click on each of them in turn while in the Tinkerer room.

From the sounds of what that guy is saying, they’d left the whole November calendar unclaimed, and waited until the server updated to December’s rewards, then claimed it, and got December’s rewards immediately.

Probably if they pushed the calendar updates as a hard server update instead of a soft push it wouldn’t be possible, since it would d/c everyone. Or just come up with an entire better enticement system instead of what is frankly a system that rewards 0 effort or engagement with the actual game.


This happened to me on a 6/8 sin ppe once and a 7/8 sorc (not a ppe though).

First case I was calling out how stupid it is to die to drags and than ran straight into a drag and exploded.

Second one I called someone a moron for standing on a firebomb and dying, than 30 seconds later ran over a fire bomb and got insta’d.

Some of the funniest deaths I’ve had in realm tbh, I deserved them for being a but of an ass.


need to be able to ask guill for pots.


105 def too. (no jugg for a warrior and no cc)


Cc tho


clands dont give me cc
literally like the past 15 clands of grinding


Me too tho.


I’m glad all this stuff is equippable.

Hiding skills > ninja level