Post funny moments in-game!


the only person whos high is u not me


A boy wanted to meet Santa, this was his dying wish.


okay im not trying to kill people

after that para:

nice to know theres some hope in the realm community


Ok so just to shut up everyone who thinks assassin sux.
This was my loot from a tomb. That i entered as lvl 2 and left as lvl 6.


why reply to me :thinking:


i was going through old posts and saw this

rip pausing



when i reply to a thread i just reply to whoever had the most recent post


Try that. It’s less confusing.


i may or may not be slightly blind


You may or may not be stupid…


yeah maybe


do the discobot new user initiation thing


dunno how to do that.
Me is dum. Can confirm


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Dumbass kid being a choosing beggar.


Why do you always use Lightshot? Is there something else that you can screenshot with?


Don’t bother he will never convert.


Lightshot is my screenshot tool; its activated by hitting the prtsc key on my keyboard. Of course, I could just copy the picture from the link rather than posting the link itself, but that’s more work for me.


Seems fair.


Are you on windows?
If so, just delete lightshot