Post funny moments in-game!


that actually made me chuckle.


of course it did im hilarious

im humble too



I found a bot having an existencial crisis today while farming godlands :



I hate that bot. Saw it once and the way it’s programmed is so annoying, the fact that the creator thought making it complain about people calling it out as a bot would be a good idea is dumb. Literally anyone with an IQ above 6 can tell it’s a bot. :angry:


I just saw him lmao.


Appears there’s more than one of those, there has been one on my server in the last week or so doing the same chat actions as you showed, and I’m sure the name is different-but-similar. Yes super annoying.


Yeah, if there are multiple then they have very, very similar names. Saw them on like 3 different servers, the names were so similar I felt like it was the same bot following me from server to server just to annoy me.


Feels good to be back
no one suspected I was gone, so I moved everybody’s cup while they sleep. Took me weeks of planning to move every single cup without them knowing.


@diamondest for the first time I actually missed you ._.


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Not sure how to feel about this tbh



you back!
missed ya buddy


im coming back hot as soon as somebody agrees to duo with me xd


Mwah. in 2 days.




should have invited me smh


@Four x @Orsome
Now kiss


Disregard that, I was being a retard


I don’t have a screenshot of this but I was in a void run, and we had the split phase. Like 50% of 46 people were staying in the bottom left. I went top right as there were like 7 people there. A big boi almost sat on me and I dropped down to like 30 hp, running around flashing for like 2 seconds before being forced to nexus. rl got really pissed and started being real toxic before kicking everyone out of the channel and logging off. A total of 13 deaths occurred during that void alone, a total of 15 deaths in total.


You can’t just ping me and then not tell me what you want! :wink: