Post funny moments in-game!




His question was answered instantaneously.


One of these flames does not belong here…


I like the meat scepter in your inv :wink:


This is a few months old but I forgot to post

take a closer look…
Forgot to circle the +69


Oreos are very yummy. Can never have too many.
@Ickabod :stuck_out_tongue:


when a bluestar with a 50/50 pet has a better acc than you


Check out my homeboi


I want your toes




Kill me now

Lad has a jugg and is younger than me ig


So I was buying some hearts and a belladonna’s garden from another player when someone misinterpreted it as a pop …




all 8 stats
turned into an UWU


Long ago, the 8 stats lived in harmony.
But everything changed when the Life nation attacked.

Only the UWU, master of all 8 stats, could stop them.
But when the OwO needed them most, they vanished.

A hundred years later, my brother and I discovered the new UWU, a fox named Glawi.
But although their looting skills are powerful, they still have much to learn.

But I believe, Glawi can save the OwO


@Glawi no way.


Can I be the grandson?


ggaod please i need the qot


The OwO must prevail!!


Hahhaaaahhha fools! The life nation is the most powerful! Kneel before I, the Fl00FyNator or be punished. You weaklings are nothing in value to what I am! You could never purchase a ring of decades or max a character without me! One of my troops is worth 8 of yours! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAH!!!