Post funny moments in-game!


Post anything that you think is funny in-game! Please don’t make it too inappropriate or post a link to pornhub.
I’ll start off.

(I know it’s not that funny :frowning: )

Have fun!

When u Want that stheno skin
Extreme Trolling!
List of entertaining threads
Top kek
Oh no
Big dong in nexus attempt #2
Interesting moment in a Parasite
Toastrz Mad thick
Big dong in nexus
So this just happend
200 Bots Dying?
Stuck in nexus wall



I guess that could be moved to community hub, since its actually about ingame stuff


The pet ruined it but it originally said “How to summon satan 101”


<Xaklor> 3/10 drag Germ, I'm disappointed in you
Xaklor died, at level 20, killed by Fire Portal

true story btw


I second that


Archer ST set pls



The fact that I can’t watch this is unbearable.

badum tiss



When you’re the only lvl 20 in a cem



I found a new job


Finally got my first oreo!




Some good repost there m8. Shame you can’t make any quality content yourself.


This is only 2 pictures I found on reddit, everything else is original made by me.


That’s still 2 too much. Plus you didn’t even give credit. Overall, I r8 your meme game 1/8.


I can do better than that, I just don’t have too much time on my hands.