Post interesting map features here


1 way only




I’ll match that:

Edit: Idk wtf is up with that mem bar on the bottom there…i swear im not hacking! The “G” that the path makes stands for “gg uni, you’re getting banned again” xd. Interesting how the jitter of the two bars are different, might have to do with how ShareX takes a snapshot of the screen at the time you press the capture hotkey as opposed to when you click the region you want to capture.


This is what mine looked like after running through the nexus for a minute
so I guess thats kinda normal


I meant bottom right of screen it’s elongated and covers up inventory slots 4,8.

Could be the windows thing where you sometimes see double of things.


This pleases me



Smallest glands ever.


owo Never seen this before. I always wanted to get to the very edge of the realm map, this was the closest I’ve gotten and it was a lake thing…y…


Puppets return with their most spectacular map generation, this time…an intersection of two paths?!


3 Trooms in a row :o



Can this be moved


@nevov turning into OB tbh.

[Edit: I believe it’s the in a row aspect that made it be chosen for “interesting map features”, so I’d judge it as okay for here. -Nevov]


Magic woods water with high memory


And here’s the glitch tiles with high memory (0’s and 1’s0


Very tiny 0s and 1s, hehe.


Walked around nexus and remembered this.


:bat: :egg:


I dont get it :confused:


The worst rooms to get when soloing on a robe, and almost every room was one. Was shouting aloud by the last ones. If it’s 1/3 chance for each that’s what (⅓)6 ≈1.4‰ :expressionless:


Ebic math skills bro