Post interesting map features here


Puppets return with their most spectacular map generation, this time…an intersection of two paths?!


3 Trooms in a row :o



Can this be moved


@nevov turning into OB tbh.

[Edit: I believe it’s the in a row aspect that made it be chosen for “interesting map features”, so I’d judge it as okay for here. -Nevov]


Magic woods water with high memory


And here’s the glitch tiles with high memory (0’s and 1’s0


Very tiny 0s and 1s, hehe.


Walked around nexus and remembered this.


:bat: :egg:


I dont get it :confused:


The worst rooms to get when soloing on a robe, and almost every room was one. Was shouting aloud by the last ones. If it’s 1/3 chance for each that’s what (⅓)6 ≈1.4‰ :expressionless:


Ebic math skills bro


An entrance to the boss room in an abby with two options. First time I have ever ran across this and thought it was worth posting.


I don’t have a screenshot of it, but if you’re lucky, you can have a coil snake temple go much farther into the lake area where you cant pass.


I could record this more than 1 year ago; it took me some min trying to get there with my 6/8 backup rogue without nexus or dieing, and I finally get enought close to have this screenshot. (After getting enough close, I could nexus at the perfect time and I didn’t die; but I died couple days later at LH :smiley: )



Easiest lib I’ve ever done.


This was a nice lava/river combination from yesterday, and going into the mushroom place makes that look like a weird giant island at the polar cap or something:

I mentioned to @Seelpit seeing one like it before, when people were going crazy in chat at finding it/shouting for everyone to TP, and they got pretty much everyone in the realm standing there at one point. Turns out it was the exact same location in the same world (2) map.


beach, then blue ground. then grass and a tree and then sand


Road intersection


Got a sprite map with two entrances (top left and right. @Theydangle saw me come in from a different direction and thought I was hacking. :laughing:


bump btw