Post interesting map features here


Nice shortcuts, both found last week:


It finally happened.
0-split Cultist Hideout with a T-room!


Even shorter shortcut in Docks. Was a bit sketchier than the previous one as the gap was much larger. I shot what I could see then used most of my HP crossing the gap, so might have had to nexus if something else was close to the edge.


yemmy likes to do cults and make stupid things at 4 am


Well this can’t go in the snake pit megathread, cuz its a udl
Also dang it! There were SIX trooms in this udl but the screenshot only got 5 (6th at top)


EZ 6 Wis <3


Don’t you mean 7? The boss also drops wis, remember?


Yeah, it would be 7. I think it was a bit less cuz there was a trio of us in there )we were all freaking out)


Bridge bridge bridge


I wish all cland maps were like this; this is the best I have ever seen. Tons of open space for spawning and the boss room far enough away that leechers are not hurting the spawn rates. This is by far the best I have seen before.


Gship spawned slightly offset from where beach bum did earlier, pretty interesting


A previously spawned nest allowed people to walk where the hermit is, even while it was alive


I like how the sentry setpiece interacted with the great coil snake’s


Tile identity crisis


Troom at spawn


That’s lucky. I’ve only seen that once in my career


You love to see it


Fully looped minecart rail!


See these drop maybe once a day if that, so two at once was highly unusual. Both from Lucky Djinns


Some cool 4 leaf clover snake pit :o