Post interesting map features here


If we ever get that better Realm, I fully expect some more posts here. It’s difficult to add more when so much has been explored already


Bruh I haven’t seen a common pet in so long. I saw that dog and I was actually so confused…


I wish we could change the size of our pets! There are some pet sprites I have that I really like, but now that my pet is Divine they are just way too massive so I limit myself to a few other skins that I don’t like quite as much :\


How does the size of pets work? Is it dependent on both skin and rarity? I have a 100/100/91 pet with lil’ davy skin, and you can see how small it is here


Yes. Some pet skins are naturally larger or smaller, but all pet skins change size with rarity as well. To see this for yourself, swap that lil’ davy skin onto a common pet and see how comedically tiny it is.


N°1 Bbyn1%20bby


The trees can line up themself for a group photo.


This udl i came across




I haven’t noticed this one before; I appreciate the reference to the old sprite world.


hello ArKanaz!


Double statues. Tried but was unable to get a screenshot of 3 of them; by this time one of each pair was dead so this is two boosted final statues. The map which I didn’t notice until after taking the screenshot shows the two set pieces offset and overlapping.

Bugged Ship(s)



image single offshoot library, cant argue wtih an easy clear for 2nd boss




Troom (upper right) + 3 Gold Rats. Technically four trooms, as if you have the mod that highlights them it also highlights the rats. Last rat dropped the dagger.

Rarest normal dungeon in the game:


One switch Cursed Library. The switch was in the upper left room. I guessed wrong exiting the start room and cleared it. Then on killing the boss there were no more left to clear. No maze either. So though I hadn’t planned to I did the second boss.


:eyes: skandling


Another Cursed Library with only one switch, no maze. Again I did the switch first, after going the wrong way at the start.

Looking at both maps I think they’re that way as they’re flush with the right of the area it can build the map in. Once it splits up and goes down the path is boxed in by the map on one side and start/troom on the other. This one in particular has three t-junctions it could attach switch rooms to on the way but they are all blocked off, as well as a larger room with two of its four sides blocked.


similar Cursed Library map, but without switches at all