Post interesting map features here


Nice Depths shortcut. No need to look for a T Room too as that was in the first room:

Didn’t even see how many White Demons there were, was just happily nuking things offscreen then stumbled across this:


I’ve been running just about every tomb that I’ve seen lately, but this is the first with 2 tsarcs that I’ve seen in a while.



That’s so weird


Never seen the water this close to white glands


Great map here


One sided ice cave!


Forget 2 tsarcs in a tomb. I’ve done 2 tombs today that had 4 tsarcs


Found minecraft in the sulfurous wetlands


Parasite Chambers colony not centred. I came into the room from above and initially was very confused to encounter a colony almost in the doorway. Pretty soon realised it wouldn’t kill me to run straight past it so I did, and from the other side I could see what was happening (though not why). Never seen anything like this before.


Three chest Para. The start is the lowest room on the map, so the other three circular dead ends contained chests. Also got the wand from the boss:

Very nice key placement. Found all three in first five rooms; in fact one was a chest room so only one empty room before I found all the keys. Made for a very quick search for other chests as could do it all in one circuit:


Three in one quests. Given enough time would be possible to do but with no-one else helping I just left it alone – I came across it this far done and did very little damage to the dragon before leaving.



Dragonflies party


There seems to be a thing with Dragonflies making a beeline for the edge of godland and getting stuck there, often on a feature like a Cyclops tower. I reported it here:

But well done on finding four of them, and managing to get a screenshot of what looks like a pretty dangerous situation !