Post interesting map features here


is that in reference to the two cultists that were killed?


valus and phaedra? probably




Nice, a cool little backstory room for aesthetic

Cultist Hideout just became close to my favorite dungeon because of this.


Only one path


You lucky gamer


Sceptre room in magic woods.


What?! How? Why?


Possibly a tribute to the Honey Sceptre, the best UT in the game. Also see


I see. That might explain this:

Was casually running dungs when I hit a wall by accident. I see it can be destroyed, so I did. @Toastrz you sneaky, I found it. I’m sure you were designing it with a smile on your face, thinking about those future players who would stumble upon this.

tl:dr :wink: to the honey scepter man


ok so its confirmed that the shatts rework will have a hidden honey scepter?


i guess that’s another reason to dislike the shatters rework


Imagine liking the absolute garbage fire of a dungeon that is the Shatters.


sue me, it’s my favourite dungeon






Just gonna casually quote a post nearly one month old.

Valus and Phaedra were vaporized by the Void Entity, if I recall correctly, and people who undergo this fascinating process (this is a very tricky thing to deduce, but…) cannot be buried. Gasp.

What probably happened is that DECA was silly enough to trip up on their own lore.


their bodies don’t have to be in the grave


With the soil and everything, it seems very real. I don’t see why they would have gone through the effort without the remains. Did they just do it for realistic ceremonial purposes? Could be. With candles and everything, it does seem like the cultists completed this room in honor of whoever died, so two long-time fellow researchers would perfectly fit that. But I’m not exactly sure why the room would be filled with a cage and some other stuff that I can’t make out (torture devices? IDK).