Post interesting map features here


Oryx: ....oh and you? well, to the corner you go


Circle path.


took a few photos of the new nexus with some other people:

last one with a few more:


So its a revamped summer nexus? thats really cool


Its the same as it’s always been.


but no ufo anymore in the forest lake


Rocks and trees kinda look different


took one hour to find the map 1 world


You’re not even on on the spot lol.


Does anyone know if Exalt could handle it if I tried to do a full map reveal now? I know flash would explode because of the way it uses memory, but it is something I think would be pretty fun to do, honestly. Just don’t want to waste an hour+ of my time just to get DC’d, lol.


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@Seelpit How many 2-split nests have you seen in your long time running nests?


No idea, I don’t really keep track of that >w<"


Very old pics


That second one, in particular, is quite old based on the inventory setup! I have started to fall in love with the maps of realm, so I put it upon myself to hunt down that location. Unfortunately the wider view of Exalt and the annoying gap in minimap zooms makes it rather imperfect, but it is still so cool to see the exact same location from today and compare it to your picture from so many years ago.

As much as I think it would be great to have new maps in Realm with more unique features, there really is a beauty to how they have remained the same for so long that I don’t want to lose.


interesting graveyard generation


The dead can’t cross the water, they can only wait…


Overfilled oasis giant chest!


Reading this thread without good data makes me feel like a blind kid during show and tell


SOS on the minimat in a magic wood