Post interesting map features here


They captured Toastrz and locked him inside magic woods send help





I found the treasure! (map 3)


Gumball machines (really old picture)


snow and desert clash!




In the new UDLs. I know after taking this I’ve seen a few different ones on reddit.



Oryx be like ‘‘You want challenge? Was Decaract not enough? Was my third form not enough?! Well try this!’’



that looks really cool for some reason


I saw something like that once, but there were only beholders. Then, someone teleported and killed them all lol


You are on a streak my friend. Keep it up! :raised_hands:


Cult skull on the floor of the UDL


This looked a lot cooler while fighting eye and moving around but this is all I could get of it in one snap since my laptop isn’t advanced enough for bigger zoom. The mini map shows more of it tho


gonna need a lot more assassins


That looks like a fun group challenge. Or a test of patience, if so little players are interested in taking part.


Yeah lol. Makes my day when I come across something unexpected like this


I wonder if kazekiri could hit the crystal?