Post interesting map features here


You might be right, I know it can go through rocks, trees, etc. so those small stones shouldn’t be a problem imo


Here’s another pretty cool nest mixture I found that went through a mountain temple setpiece. Really love how it erased some of the blocks next to the trees lol


It looks like abandonned ruins infested by wasps. Neat


Lined up Nexus portals (very old pic)


might have already been posted, but I found good evidence to show the world is flat. (also excuse the typo)


Why isn’t the water flowing off?


becuase there is no space for it to flow off. At the edge of the world, nothing exists, so nothing can occupy the lack of space that is the edge of the world. The water at the edge of the world simply ceases to move.


A very purple sprite world boss room.



Limon got herself some great decorator this time around.


Holy crap I didn’t even know that was possible, that would have been a pain for a fresh level 20, that’s for sure


what was the shortcut to do that again?


A shortcut? Happy to explain but I don’t know what you mean lol.


windows + print screen

edit: oh, dammit


take off the side ui.




Oh, I just cropped the screenshot to focus on the tiles. I didn’t know you could do that actually


Let’s revive this thread with some Puppet Master’s Theatre shenanigans! I’ve seen a split before (if you reach deep within the funny moments thread, you might find it!), but it was still quite surprising to find 4-wide breakable blocks.

The White Bag Thread v3

An incomplete Jungle Temple wall!

And, apparently, any towers that attack in the Lost Halls seem to transition to an inactive state when the Colossus is dead. Never knew that.


Well, what do we have here? It appears someone left a peculiar landmark, I wonder who it would be…


Ok that is great. Just great. Honestly that’s really cool!