Post interesting map features here


I kind of like Toastrz leaving his mark in every dungeon he works on. Although, the Library Easter egg was a little less obvious than, say, here and the Magic Woods…


Oh, that was Top-tier-Toastrz-sneaky-tactics™.

Yeah, the way he leaves his signature on dungeons is super fun. Like the player has to pay attention to notice 'em, and so only those who love the dungeons get to share these insides.


UDL rooms next to each other. I was able to see beyond the wall on the right.


happens with every single tile walls now, in like every reworked dungeon. very funny for bombdropping classes like assassin, sorcerer or wizard.

Congratz on the find and thx for sharing!


Snakey LH layout.


A treasure room close enough for both the idol’s and Malphas’ health bar to bee visible.


Triple TRoom in one Abby



Cry egg (you can see a little bit of the egg behind)
encountered no dead-ends in a udl rush.


If you log out and in of forums you can get your white star btw


I want to stay orange. It looks cool


it does!


Interesting Third Dimension side branch here :diamonds:


I ran into the strangest sew the other day and wanted to share its layout. Literally went straight to the boss room with a small dend if you passed the boss room. I was pretty shocked at the time because I have never seen this lmao.



1 split cult


WTF you have Vars locked?! I didn’t realize he is still playing this game.



That is very specifically not a picture of a man reaching out to God, fun fact ;). Quite the opposite. Fun find!


Ghost king arena with 0 breakable blocks.


Mysterious Crystal couldn’t be damaged since it was inside a structure tile (August 2020).