Post interesting things you've seen in game (it can be anything)


Post anything that is interesting to you in the game. It could be interesting loot, mechanics that you’ve found whilst playing the game, easter eggs, tiles, literally anything about the game. I’ll start first

When facing the calamity crab (the big crab that chases you) in ddocks you can actually stagger it but it only works once. Easy way to do this is go on a samurai and hit it all your waki shots.


Ive noticed that if you put the name of any single tradable item in the nexus in chat, nobody cares, but if you put “free” in front of it, suddenly everyone cares.


i wonder why


Mistake gear weapons all shoot the same projectiles when you have a full set equipped :grin:. Just noticed this yesterday.


Found a interesting way to get infinite pots, though not efficiently.

Of course I’m not gonna tell you.


Do sprite on trix? lol.


I mean one dungeon that gives infinite pots more efficiently than cland, but you’re better off going to o3 discord.


what’s the first letter of the dungeon 0-0