Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


-Omni is nowhere near as good as people think. Unless you’re playing on a class with a really good wismod or have a bad pet, its just a pyra that trades in 20 hp for some extra dps and a bunch of useless stats.
-Samurai is actually a good class. Its a piercing wizard with less range, but more tankiness.
-Hive (not the epic one) is horribly unbalanced.
-Chest events are about as balanced as pets (might not even be unpopular)


Spoosky Boyo is too OP.


Rotmg is a good game, it isn’t dying, MOST deaths arn’t from lag, and Deca Games is so much better then Kabam it’s stupid.


The Helm of the Juggernaut is really not that strong; its loss of Berserk time is pretty big compared to the T5/6, and when rushing, you’re often dependent on the Armored, which isn’t permanent.


doku is bad

mystic is a powerful class

trickster sucks

spells are hugely overrated


Candycoated is a great chestpiece that I will gladly use on any class besides knight. The defense is worth losing a little bit of the tons of dps melees have except on knight where the defense is high enough for cc to not make an impact.


The only one I don’t agree with. How are spells overrated?

Ppes are hard.


The mad lab is scary


in 95% - 100% of all discussions on the how good wizard and spells are, the only metric anyone ever looks at is the max possible damage of a perfect spellbomb. they rarely, if ever, consider how good the spell is when you only land a fraction of all the shots. in reality, landing a perfect spellbomb is only possible when the enemy is standing on the exact center of a tile, otherwise it’s impossible to get all shots to land no matter how good you are at aiming. if the enemy does any amount of moving whatsoever, they spend the large majority of their time not centered on a tile. so getting the perfect 2K damage isn’t impossible, but it’s very unlikely. most of the time you get 25% or less total damage, with the occasional 30%-40% damage bomb. 100% is super unlikely no matter how much skill you have, unless it’s an enemy that never moves and stays on a single tile.

granted, 25% of a spellbomb is still decently powerful. but I said they’re overrated, not useless.


<Realm is a good game.


Unfair deaths are unfair.


realm has good porn no doubt


warrior isn’t that good.
pyra is more practical than crown.
expo is more practical than pyra (id trade 4 att and 40 hp for 60 mp any day).
bracer is just an expo with some attack.


soulbinding whitebag items was a bad decision and UT trading should be activated again.

Grinding for an item for 5+ years is completely unreasonable.

Just because you’re a veteran you don’t have an objectively better opinion about what should be added or taken out of the game.

Just because you grinded for 5 years to get a single item doesn’t mean everybody else should have to do the same.

Tomb is the worst end game dungeon.

You’re honestly too horny 100% of the time.


hey thats not unpopular :thinking:


it’s unpopular with you.

back on topic now.


majority > minority here


Cutlass is bad.


Ur bad