Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


rogue is deffs a chad rusher, imo tied for best class in glands dungeons, other being trix. rogue is better for wlab/cd, but trix trivialuzes sprites, mwoods, and libs. udl and abby are middle group, as is cem.


My biggest dilemma when fighting the stone guardians is, “Do I want a chance at great loot at 02, or do I want to fight Janus and do a thicket”. I think having Janus after 02, like you said, would get way more people doing those dungeons. I think it’s a superb idea.


WaterPower, you’ve done it again! I love the Esben Ring! I’m fully convinced we’re the same person in regards to what and how we play realm.


A lot of colours everywhere, random objects everywhere (like the abyss statues) make it harder to tell what’s going on


Although I would definitely agree that abyss can be visually messy at times, I still think that it’s at least of higher quality than the near-barrenness of the old version.
Like, you have…red…bone…more red…more red…

One thing I do dislike is the inconsistency with solid objects vs decor; some of the crates in Pirate Cave aren’t objects, yet some others are.
It’s less intuitive than I’d hope.


I mean, as long as its not a pure hp ring or expo, I’m good. But ESBEN? Esben’s wedding ring is one of the few rings that dare to make a sacrifice for a meaningful boost.

In games, I’ve always loved things that give you something good in exchange of a drawback. You get to enjoy the advantages while you learn to play around the weaknesses and make up for it.

Hold up, what say you about Demon Blade? Indomptable? Or Jugg?


I love the Demon Blade. Indomptable is one of my favorite swords in the game and it is super fun to play with, especially if you have the full set, and I think jugg is just a rich mans prot. I think it’s overrated.


And why is that?

Please expand and explain.


cracks knuckles Here we go.
Demon Blade is a more fun pixie and it still has a higher dps if you can’t aim and hit both shots. Each shot of the demon blade still does enough damage to get by. The design of the demon blade is way cooler than that of pixie, and it’s far easier to get your hands on one that’s not duped. It was also my first white bag I’ve ever gotten, so it has a soft place in my heart. I don’t use sword classes very often, but when I do, I always have DBlade handy.
Indomptable is the perfect “sword dbow”. The fact that it pierces makes it leagues better than other swords in my opinion. The sprite of the blade, and the shot, are both super awesome. I love doing over 1k damage a shot. Also, if you’re not good at dodging and can only get one or two shots, you’re almost guaranteed soulbound. Super fun weapon to use and probably my favorite sword in the game.
I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again. Jugg has it’s uses, but really, it’s just not as good as people make it out to be. Yeah, armored is great, but you’re a heavy armor class. You’re not going to be taking much damage anyway. Prot is perfect because it gives the priest some more survivability that it wouldn’t otherwise have. Also, you don’t get speedy with Jugg, which is one of the warriors greatest assets. Yes, you still get beserk, but at what cost?? For how rare it is, it should at least keep the speedy. I don’t think armored is that good of an ability, especially after the nerf AND with all the armor break shots in the endgame dungeons. It’s just really not that good in my opinion.

Did that answer your questions or would you like me to go deeper?


Well if you have to handle more than one enemy, then Heavy Armor classes will take more damage than ranged counterpart. In one though, not so much as you said.

Only if you are aiming for max Defence build for a Priest.

You can now have Speedy and Armored after Armored nerf.

It still is, but will need to have max Defence build to have its full use.

O3, possibly FC/CC, Void, Nest and a bit on MBC and CDepth.


Oh madgod SirGravy…

The only difference between us is that you got your hands on an Indomptable. Every one of your points match mine.

To add to the Demon Blade, for me its not only how its good. Its how it made me play.

The little range it allows for its DPS to be at its maximum meant I had to get sooooooo close to the enemies. At first, I stayed far from them. Its only when I understood their exact behaviours and found down times between their barrages of shots that I would destroy them.

And it made me feel good, powerful. The game rewarded me with my enemies’ instant demise, because I exploited their weaknesses and timed my attacks.

I also thought that Jugg still had a cooldown. But still, consuming 170 mana for speedy and armored at the same time seems hard to keep. The possibility still exists, and it allows you to make full use of your mana pool, has you jugging (pun intended) between both helms which is good for your brain to do some hard work.

We agree then. Its just that I hope one day, I’ll be able to make a max defense warrior build :drooling_face:

Another thing: I dont do endgame dungeons as I am still new to them, despite my account age, so armor breaking bullets are rather rare for me.


now there’s no cd on helms, can have both speedy and armoured easy. and jugg is insane in mbc where you can ignore most non purple/silencing shots. cult you can ignore non red. that’s just insane. i’m not very experienced in crystal but to my knowledge mseal just makes it very much a cheese fest? this way you have the mseal effect AND you can dodge.

jugg is albeit not as good in o3.


It’s not difficult, you just need CC Armor + UBDef + Jugg/GGen + maxed Defence and you will be set. Even without Jugg, that 75 Defence is a saving grace from getting IC if a Ghost God’s shot happens to hit you.

Adding what Twitchy said, I found out (never tested this myself though) max Defence Jugg Warrior may have the ability be to remain OoC in MBC’s survival (as long as you can dodge his AP, Silencing and Curse bullets), CEntity’s attacks and Worm Mom’s barrages of shots.


DECA is GOOD: they’ve done wonder’s to the game compared to kabam.


That is somewhat popular opinion?


is it? i go on reddit each day and see about 10 posts about anti-deca versus about 1 pro-deca

  1. People are more likely to speak up when a situation is non-ideal. The many people who support DECA remain quiet because they have no reason to talk about the subject. They’re already content with the path that the game is currently taking, so they just play it in silence. Meanwhile, for many of those frustrated with DCs and bugs and ultimately with a dislike for DECA, the first idea to come to their minds would be ranting in a public online space like Reddit, Discord, and occasionally here on RealmEye.

  2. When we experience difficulties and frustration, we all tend to feel strong, ill-conceived disdain towards what we see as the root of the problem. For example, if a player gets disconnected before being able to collect a rare loot drop, it’s probable that they’ll find the fault in DECA, whether or not it’s rational. This is often temporary. People type angry messages before later settling down to enjoy the game once more. Reddit posts titled “Fix Your Servers” don’t necessarily mean the writer is anti-DECA. They might just be in a bad mood at that specific moment.

  3. It’s Reddit. C’mon.


Dbow is actually good on bard, inspired giving increased shot speed makes it much easier to do consistent damage.


I didn’t know inspired increased shot speed, thought it was just range


I miss the old Gray Blobs, more than I should. Something about getting memed on and dying due to a random explosion when you’re new to the game is just hilarious.