Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Range is based on the shot speed and the shot’s lifetime, inspired increases range by increasing the shot speed. Deca could have had it increase range by increasing lifetime but that wouldn’t be as good


Not?.. not d… sorry did I just read that getting a rare event white that is both hard to have it dropped and hard to forge, is not difficult?


Mhmm, sweet.

Deserving, for its status as OG classic best item in rotmg. Like if there’s ever a banner of rotmg, I expect it to feature a least Juggernaut.


Probably really unpopular. I’ve always thought that melee classes shouldn’t be in the game


What makes you say that?


To clarify most other bullet hell games I’ve played give the player a very high range, which makes the gameplay the most fun for me personally. So melee never made sense to me especially with the notorious instapops in realm. I was confused that so many classes have a pretty low range


An actual unpopular opinion.


momento mori is overrated

the 10 atk gives it make it worse wizard :cold_face: (this is with ability dps)

it’s good for solo, but I don’t even think it should a dps req in most discord

no ability dps


if plus ten atk isnt a dps req, then we should also get rid of t14 weapons because they only do 10 percent extra damage, or less. crown is only plus 12, we should also get rid of that.




no my point is that momento boosts necro’s atk stats without giving it anything in return, it’s just a bad wizzy then because you can’t heal or curse. if you want dps play wizy, but necro on top for solo

crown boosts your dps without sacrificing anything except for a bit more hp
t14 items are good because they’re pretty much universally usable


Thats just a bad argument imo because why play any class that isn’t wizard if it does less damage than wizard. As a counter point, why play wizard when a 4/4 sorc with lumi outdamages it?


He was saying that memento just turns necro into a worse wizard. He wasn’t saying you shouldn’t play necro he was saying in group there is no reason to play memento necro over a wizard. It has less dps and the ability does less damage. He was saying that you should use a different skull and if you want to just go for straight damage with memento then play wizard


what dee said

because sorc is a dps class and purely a dps class (aside from fulmi)

momento compromises necro class identity


yeah, but remember that mori with tops might be outdamaged, a better necro set also can curse and heal allies. mori isnt necessary for a necro set, especially if you’re not going for full dps.


Not exactly an unpopular opinion per se, but it has just struck me how much I actively avoid so many of the dungeons that have been subject to more intense redesigns. I can’t remember the last time I willingly went into LoD, Shaitan’s, cem or cdepths. I don’t know if that’s just me but it really doesn’t feel right somehow…


that’s my point, mori is bad.

why sacrifice your quirkiness and what makes you good (curse/slow) for something that you’re not even that good at (dps)?


I would trade my left kidney for that skull, I think it’s good so I will continue to grind for it. Imo it is one of the best items in the game for solo play and decent for groups.


yes good for solo bad for group


Old Swoll Fairy was worse, but was more interesting


I agree with the worse part (it is literally the only old st set that drives me crazy to use), but was it the hallucination part that interested you?