Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


well duh but necro is fun thats the whole point


What??? That isn’t even close to the point. The point was memento is bad. Yes necro is fun but THAT HAS LITERALLY NOTHING TO DO WITH MEMENTO BEING GOOD. BRUH.


But it’s a fun useful item, literally what a ut is meant to be, even though it’s a st I know. Uts are meant to be situational swap outs that change the play style of the class or do something interesting it’s the opposite of bad, a bad skull is thicket skull if you want to talk shit on skulls


Aye, it is an insanely good skull for solo gameplay. Just in group it isn’t the best.


Have we collectively decided to ignore how impossible it is to land a perfect spellbomb every single time?


fair enough.

but even the graph with a 1/4 dps and when i say dps i mean ONLY dps necro is still worse

  1. stat wise and
  2. ability dps wise.

unless you’re saying a wizard can’t do LESS damage than 400 dmg on a spell, i rest my case

so let me reiterate - a 1/4 necro that can’t heal, can’t curse, can’t slow. the focus is dps
a 0/4 wizard that can’t heal curse or slow anyway.

that the 0/4 wizard wins in almost all situations is why momento mori is bad


I’d actually be one to also raise the point that it likely isn’t just the dungeons feeling longer or perhaps being experienced as “less fun”; it’s more that, compared to other options, they simply aren’t as attractive.

LoD takes quite a long while to complete, and the fights certainly have a couple phases that could use a little less invulnerability, but the main factor that makes people not want to do them is that all the loot it drops can be obtained from other sources at a faster rate.

Lost Halls remains one primary example: each treasure pot room tends to give you a random rainbow stat potion, and doing a Cultist means you’ll do at least 3.

Additionally, the base health decrease from VC lead to an effectively increased soloing speed for most dungeons, meaning pots can be acquired that way, too.

Meanwhile, aforementioned dungeons are either out of the way (Shaitan) or rarely dropped (LoD, CDepths, Cem), making them less consistent.
I do want to point out that soloing a cem, even up to the Graves, gives you a minimum of 4 speed, plus a potential chance for up to 1 wis, vit, dex, and att pot.


Fair enough!

I suppose I’m more of a casual player these days, and don’t so much care about farming efficiency. I never go into reworked cdepths and shaitan, even during events, because they strike me as blatantly unfair (I’m colour blind, and find it extremely difficult to read Shaitan’s new projectiles, and those of the dungeon enemies leading up to the Son of Arachna, whereas I could easily do it before). Cem feels like a kick in the teeth because I usually only need the pots it drops for new characters who can’t complete the final boss, and it feels like ass to leave a dungeon ‘unfinished’. Idk, I just don’t like em :PP


You deal 400 DMG to every single enemy in the 3.5 radius, effectively multiplying its capability for every enemy caught in the range. Let’s take your example of T12/Memento/T13 vs T12/T6/T13, both with 70 MH, their respective WIS caps, and Damaging+Berserk. At 0 enemy DEF, the Necro deals 3939 on one enemy, 4083 on two, 4227 on three, 4371 on four, and 4515 on five. Let’s be generous and say that the spell manages to get half of its shots in each time, amounting to +258 DPS for the Wizard, and only 4392 overall. That’s not counting the fact that the skull also bypasses 400 DEF and grants Damaging, which the Wizard can only obtain in a group.

I don’t see what the problem is. The Memento Mori can be a very powerful item, especially when it comes to crowd control. Players value it for a good reason.


except no one values twilight gemstone when it’s the best shatters ring so…


What is your point?


Not only does that statement’s idea completely diverge from the purpose of my post, players don’t like the Twilight Gemstone because it’s a worse version of the Sourcestone. The latter provides HP that almost rivals Para HP, while the former’s DEF matches that of Superior DEF.


except it’s acquired a lot easier than the sourcestone.

also it doesn’t diverge from the purpose of the post, you say people value it for good reason but i can also say that i value the twilight gemstone for good reason. it doesn’t make memento mori good.


Continuing this statement:

Even if a lot of people don’t like Gemstone, and I never used it either, there will always be a special place in my heart especially the old times


The difference between you saying you value a specific item and Gamma saying the same thing is that Gamma outlined his logic. He explained his side, about why he thought the memento mori was good and valued by many.


its literally the best skull for group damage. it gives plus ten attack. I don’t get ur point still


In group if u want to dps just play wizard


But with necro you can also curse and slow and heal, you can’t do that with wiz


That has nothing to do with mementooooooo if you are gonna use memento in a group it turns necro into a less effective wizard. And if you like aoe abilities than just use slurpian sea scroll, legit memento with more damage but less attack


You said momento turns necro into a worse ability but I said wiz doesn’t have the option to swap out for useful actions.