Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


memento has higher range, and DPS buff (if you get seperated or pallys are no nearby) instead of SPD, which can actually be fatal in stuff like dammah, aswell as providing Dammah-robe levels of DPS even when quieted.


But that has nothing to do with memento again, we are talking about memento not swapouts. ima stop replying about this tho


In most scenario:


Uh yes it is. Would you want to take 19 shots to have gem be better defensively?


Well the only time I find Sourcestone better are: LH (MBC and Void), Nests, O3 and Fungal (and Crystal Cavern). Other than those, Gem is better.


No, not actually. It’s better in all exaltation dungeons, and even most court dungeons, and dungeons of that level.


What kind of colour blindness?


can you at least elaborate and say why the twilight gemstone is good instead of posting a 2012 jpeg reaction image and contribute nothing to the conversation

It’s better in any dungeon where def is mostly irrelevant (few high damage shots, armor piercing shots) like, as DeeBomb said, any dungeon that is harder than godlands dungeons. Enough defense is already provided by armors (and sometime, abilities) so players are aiming for hp rings.


And even in some glands dungeons like puppet theatre and lib that have armor piercing shots


Not always.


3 seconds duration is way too tight to maintain all those debuffs.
have you tried?


What? Memento for when damage is useful, swap outs when they are needed. I didn’t say anything about perma damaging


But memento is a skull for necro while wiz is a whole class, you have to consider that no one only carries momento unless they are doing wr runs, wiz does better damage but it doesn’t have access to useful swap outs. You can’t really compare a whole class to a single item on another class


curse when damage is needed is worse than damaging?


Solo damaging is better, in a group you would have both from other people so the passive stats in momento are better(if there isn’t a mystic or if the mystic isn’t consistent then curse is better because it helps the whole group).


because it gives the only stat that matters, speed.


doesn’t they both share the same speed bonus


you overestimate the competence of the average paladin/mystic.


Nah they do.


New ddocks sprites are the best of any dungeon in the game. My personal favorites are pirate slurp and pirate penguin :relieved: