Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


While I somewhat agree here, its solely for the earlier dungeons that havent gotten their reworks. Late/End game content is in a pretty good spot rn, mbc is a little too hectic for my tastes but not unmanagable, o3 is intense as hell but very certainly possible and plausible to clear. While I do wish there was less instapop, with pets an priests still very strong even after the nerf, its almost a sort of nesscesary evil (though most instapop is telegraphed now, which is dramatically better that previous, lookin at you ice sphere)


I really disagree. and here’s my point. if the game was as “easy” as you say, why do some people hack? (i do NOT condone hacking in any way). the point of realm isn’t difficulty, it’s grinding and getting better loot. its unfair to die in MBC just because you got a bad driveby. if deca wont remove them, at least make it so you cant get those insta-pop drivebys.


Hackers do what they do for a variety of different reasons. “Risk free practice”, protecting of big orange number, trolling, having people look up to them, etc. I wouldn’t say its the difficulty’s fault that hackers exist, its just that people are too lazy / scared to properly learn the game. Most hackers want to eventually stop doing it though, I know that for a fact.

It’s really interesting that you pick MBC’s drivebys of all things to label “unfair.” Even in double drivebys micrododging between them or spamming HP Pots is difficult, but really only takes a few tries / unfortunate deaths until you get it down. I would have put spiders / bats / big red mushrooms in Fungal at a higher “unfairness” level.

edit: And there’s definitely a touch of irony to calling stuff like that “unfair” in a what a lot of people describe as an rng skinner box. For some enemies, if you’re standing in the wrong place, you die. Scratch that, for every enemy, if you’re standing in the wrong place, you die lol. Post priest / pet nerf, dodging is more important.


If it’s too easy why would people play it


There is a surprisingly large market for casual gaming. I don’t feel Rotmg has to be included in that though, in my humble opinion.


Hacking isn’t that bad. (i do NOT condone hacking in any way) if you think about it, the only things hackers have done to you are speed up runs. sure, they pretty much have no skill, and many people think it’s unfair (which it is), but really the only hacking that is hurting the community is duping. THAT is what i think deca should focus on, along side stuff like noclipping, etc. hacks like that are incredibly unfair, and hurt the non-hacking community instead of helping it. again, id do NOT support hacking and have myself quit hacking a long time ago.


What about the part where hackers bypass any attempt to make the game any sort of challenging by removing the aspect of Realm that resets your progress - permadeath?


thats the “unfair” part.


everyone make a big deal about hackers, but really all most hackers do is help the community with easier runs. people can choose whether to hate on hackers or just dont pay any attention to them and leave them to their own, no skill buisness. some people hack because they play the game just for loot and not for the difficulty.


I saw a discussion about hackers on these forums, and the argument that was brought up there was that if you spend all night studying for a test and the next morning you see a guy looking up answers on his phone, wouldn’t you be a little bit upset? Hackers are literally cheaters. Everything about hacking is unfair, not just auto nexus. I feel like if you are playing where you can’t even die and the game isn’t a challenge anymore, why even play it?


What about how they ruin the economy?


There’s also the Swatsec incident. I’d say that type of hacker is also not okay


I’m sorry, but endgame contents are not meant to be sped up unless in an organized run without cheaters.

Deca rings, Valentine egg and what else? RWT’s? Auto-Nexusing? Godmode? Debuff-Immunity?

At the cost of the game balance and encourage more cheaters?

This game is meant to have some kind of difficulty, regardless easy or challenging.



@SlightTips agreed
@PRCSakura auto-nexususing doesn’t hurt the community in any way, it just benefits the hacker, theres no godmode hacks, debuff immunity again doesn’t affect the community, RWT is categorized un duping.


I love how you said earlier that you don’t condone hacking but what you are doing/saying right now is condoning it


Um yes it does? When characters don’t die via cheats, it literally gives green lights to players to repeat such action. In the long term if everyone become immortal by using cheats, economy goes extremely destablized (it is already bad RN but it can go worse even further) and no point of playing anymore.

There are such as godmode and debuff-immunity. You may not see it but there is such thing as those 2 cheats because hacking communities are small and secretive about such details.

On one of RotMG Troller’s video, one of his companion literally used godmode hack to sit on Killer Bee Nest and got many players’ characters killed.

Huh??? RWT use duping to create items with little to no cost.


You mean aside from screwing up the fame system and shafting the economy?


Not talking about players who dupe

Thank you


Loot has to mean something. Players that play this game for the loot are constantly being socially pressured into hacking by autonexusers like the ones you’re defending. The social value of loot is diluted by them.

Also - it’s not just dupers that mess with the economy lol. Dying and feeding are the only regular ways that loot is removed from circulation. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but autonexusers are related to the decreasing worth of GLIFE.


More than just that but also O3 itself.