Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


probably said before already but summoner is just more boring for the boring pile that is rotmg


I have actually really enjoyed Summoner so far! What would you want from a new class that would be exciting for you? Sounds like you might just be a bit burned out.


I’d really like to know why you think this is, imo summoner is possibly the most fun class so far. Have you not figured out you can middle click to control summons? That makes summoner a lot more fun than just summoning and letting it be


Actually, I did hear someone on one thread give a convincing argument (I cant remember where the post is, however) that people with autonexus are less likely to be careful, since they dont have the risk of losing characters. this makes them more willing to take risks that hurt the entire group run since they themselves dont lose anything important, hence it does affect other players in a negative manner.


Staff of the Crystal Serpent is actually great


Welcome to the forum Geckos, here is a virtual cookie for you. ;D :cookie:


Honestly you are right, its really easy to get, has solid dps for its stage, and has slightly higher survivability through range. That staff carried me hard early on in my realm experience, I used to run all fjungles id see to try and get one.


While this argument makes sense, it has variability and a psychological aspect to it. Also taking risks such as going deep into a boss usually helps the group. Another argument I’ve heard is that:

->Autonexus person has ton of valuables and valuable characters
->Autonexus person doesn’t die
->Autonexus person doesn’t need valuables but continues to gain wealth, making everything deflated in value, harming the economy

If enough people Autonexus, this can have a huge impact on the market’s flow and prices of items. If an autonexus person survives but should’ve died, they are effectively doubling what they have, since they should have had to regrind all of that stuff again but didn’t.


Honey Orb needs a nerf, maybe to the slow because you can reach 6.5 second slow! Also super easy to aim, is on your cursor, compared to the huntress traps it’s instant, and the traps take some time to reach.


coin prism is for people who want to play trix, but can’t actually play trix.


I’m dead; that made my evening :joy:


Kind of like the Enchantment Orb in that regard, except Enchantment Orb isn’t from the hardest dungeon in the game


and thats why i need it so badddddddddd D:


Less of an unpopular opinion and more of a pet peeve, but deca should’ve changed the text for this event just like they did with sphere god and lord of the lol 0.


wlab troom has a higher likelihood of killing you the first time you do it than O3.


Me haven’t died to TRoom but the Megamoth is really scary since she and lunge and pop a character.


bruv u have a brain i dont even have a brain


I find that if you just keep moving, it is impossible to die to megamoth… I definitely need to look up a video of the new Troom, though, that thing is deadly.


Dungeons need to be either longer or more team based. Slow down the progression of the game.


Step 1: Clear out the annoying minions
Step 2: Green stars on the ground deal zero damage. When they turn pink, they deal damage.
Step 3: The stars ripple outwards starting from the tree
Step 4: Push in when you can hit the tree without being hit by stars
Step 5: Dodge the green bombs, it’s fairly simple
Step 6: Get a 0 because a fucking summoner with incubation mace just stood to the side and did 99999 damage