Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


That’s what I didn’t realize for far too long. They were only markers XD


Well, now you know! Get that stupid st bow now :))


good point. didn’t think of that

Coming back to the game after about a half a year or so hiatus

This is pretty much my unpopular opinion on necro. Unless you are using the puri skull, there is a class that does everything you do but better in every scenario. And with how streamlined the game is anymore, I don’t see why you’d play the class. I’ve had every skull other than the summoning one (which is totally outclassed by summoner, so I rest my case) and this is how I felt:
If I want solo dps, as you point out lumi sorc is better, but even on a staff class (eg: using EP) wizzy or double-buff mystic (vfun, tiered orb->conflict->bearer) is better.
Group dps? Again, wizzy or sorc.
Group healing (tiered skulls)? Priest does my job wayyy more consistently.
Playing it safe/solo healing? Again, puri priest gets safer sb damage.
Slows for the group? Once again mystic and sorc do a better job than me.
And the nail in the coffin? Despite having reasonable versatility, I’m tied for slowest class in the game with no access to speedy or a speed boost like my two staff brethren (conflict/bearer and st spell, which couples well with snake ring).

In the end, if you hate discords and want to be ready for anything without truly min-maxing, necro is a respectable choice…

TlDr: whenever I play necro I always end up wishing I was playing mystic or priest.l


Rock dragon having the capability to instapop and zooming past players is fun (except it has too much hp)


not enough people play trickster due to it being shit fresh lvl 20

trickster is not as hard as people think, and it can basically do anything why CC when you can distract the enemies for 9 goddamn seconds its like a stasis but you can deal damage

people need to make trickster their farming character the amount of pots i get from rushing gland dungeons is insane

god i love trickster so much - who needs dps nowadays anyways SB is low as shit

also the wand buff was too much its basically a longer staff that pierces and is easier to hit with.


How is one projectile easier than two?


More accurately, “a longer katana.” :disappointed_relieved:


Lumi needs a buff. heck, all best in slot items need a buff. if they are best in slot they should be the best at everything. there needs to be a single set of items for each class that they strive for, and once they get them, they sohuldn’t need any other swapouts, allowing for more inv space. now this should be extremely endgame upgrade for the good items in realm (superior, lumi, colo sword, enforcer, dammah robe, vesture, etc.), the ones you see on stuff like Null veteran runs req sheet. who cares about utter garbage like tez tail or dbow. Realm is too difficult rn and these good items need a large buff to make them the best.


Realm is a game of variety, with loads of ut item options. If you make one the best at everything, you lose that variety.


not enough people play trickster due to it being shit fresh lvl 20

It’s not strong if not maxed and thats obvious, but like, shes not that bad.

trickster is not as hard as people think,

Well yes, but actually no. A scuffed decoy can fuck up stuff. And you have no idea how many trickster players fail to decoy mid in nest raids during blue.

and it can basically do anything why CC when you can distract the enemies for 9 goddamn seconds its like a stasis but you can deal damage

Well yes, but actually no. Have you ever seen enemies that shoot shots all around them? Yeah… you can’t really decoy those.

people need to make trickster their farming character the amount of pots i get from rushing gland dungeons is insane


god i love trickster so much - who needs dps nowadays

Are you implying that Trix dps is trash? lol no.


If you want full dps, you need both projectiles to hit, which is fairly demanding


One projectile from staff > zero from wand


The forge “ruins” the game more than discords.

You can consider discords bigger, more open guilds. It’s possible to play the game without them.
The forge however, throws away the concept of whitebag rarity. Barely anyone does ddocks, tombs, ice caves. Dungeons don’t have that much to offer now.


I agree. Item Forge was a good concept, but DECAs execution was terrible. The blueprints are stupid and just reintroduce the whole pray you get lucky and not get 5 jugg blueprints when you just want a conflict blueprint, and the item tiers make it so that you are better off running other dungeons for whites and then crafting what you want.

The pattern here is that Item Forge has made most of these dungeons not worth doing for end game players. Before they had potentially unique loot that would drive you to grind it out, but that grind is gone now. Only if you are needing an ST would you do these dungeons.

There should be more of a focus on using marks/relevant whites in Item Forge, or blueprints should have been locked behind each item drop location in the first place. That way you would have to have farmed the dungeon a bit in order to craft the items from it. Instead they are now in a spot where they are too hard for new players, and a waste of time for end game players. The game shouldn’t solely cater to players like me, it is okay for a dungeon to be irrelevant to end game players. It IS messed up that even if I WANT to farm an item from a dungeon, I am better off doing other content and then crafting it.


I think a better way to handle bad RNG: a piggybank mechanism for ST/white bag droprate.


Uhhhh no I think the biggest reason is trickster forces you to fundamentally re-think how you play. I’m sure you’ve started playing trick after playing another class for a while and accidentally tp’d onto an enemy. Basically every class other than fungal priest (and obv plane rogue) encourages you to point at and shoot the enemy when using your ability. So I feel like it makes sense to not play the class fresh.
But I agree you don’t see them enough :slightly_smiling_face:


The Forge is a feature that cannot be removed or even adjusted without any sort of backlash. IIRC, the amount of Forgefire needed to create the legendary items was adjust a month or two ago, and that was met with quite a bit of anger from folks.

Between the Forge and Quest Chests, the prestige of having any UT’s is diminished considerably, because you can complete a bunch of Sprite Worlds and get enough Forge Feed to get nearly any UT that you have the blueprints of (which most are easy to obtain since you just need enough fame to purchase them in the nexus), or you could have a character that was fed a Clover, and have that character open Quest Chests until you start landing those UT’s.

If I had to personally make the change to Forges, to increase the chances that the dungeon is always being run, I’d make every UT created by Forges ever so slightly inferior to the exact same UT being dropped by the actual place to obtain it. Like a .5 second longer cooldown for items with cooldowns, or a slightly lower damage range for weapons, or a small negative stat on rings and armors, or what I probably would do, no XP bonuses with it being equipped. Something that wouldn’t make the item unusable, but something that would be nice to replace with the genuine article if given the chance.

If not that, put a little star next to the item to showcase it was obtained without a forge or Quest Chest. It’s a solution that invites a lot of unnecessary toxicity such as “my UT was legitimately earned, therefore I am superior to you” vs “literally it’s the same item without a tiny star next to it, who actually cares.” But hey, that would be SOME solution to the forge problem without going Scorched Earth.

The Forge, like what Imivan said, is a pretty good concept. But the execution being out in production, it’s one that’s gonna be pretty volatile to change, and there’s no way every player is gonna be happy about what occurs, whether it changes or stays the same.


i do not agree with nerfing forge items. anything that makes the game easier should stay. this game is WAY too hard and its honestly drives me insane that no one is even acknowledging it. since the game is permadeath, your one safety option is the nexus key, but that doesn’t work half the time because the servers are dying of lag, meaning you literally don’t have the chance to use your only safety tool. to compensate for that, many higher tier-endgame content (bosses and enemies, NOT loot) should be nerfed


the new remade dungeons fucking suck, i hate the music and the power creep deca introduced is too much, gear and old tops aren’t worth jack anymore.