Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


May you provide examples?

OST are fine but powercreep is inevitable.


Damn. That was harsh


Shatters is fun.


Shatters is fun.

No. Why.


I have no clue. I just like it.


I have no clue. I just like it.

No. Why.


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How do I quote things?


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Thank you!


Is this a good enough reason?


except for shatts, you literally get nothing half the time lol


I get nothing from woodland labyrinths either. In fact, I’ve gotten more good loot from shatters than wlabs.


Do you hit the wlab boss? Because from my and many other’s personal experience, shatts literally drops loot 5% of the time


In regards to the forge, given the current state of the game, that’s why the solution I personally would shoot for is simply making the items not provide any additional XP bonus. It’s a fairly heavy trade-off for anyone that doesn’t already have a divine pet and all the blueprints at hand, but you don’t lose out on the functionality of the items themselves.

My post is not “I want to remove the forge.” My post is about how it’s going to be hard to change the forge in some manner that won’t upset anyone. The issue originally mentioned was how it left content underplayed, and making the items inferior, but still usable, was a solution I quickly brainstormed. Is it a good solution? Heck if I know.

I think you’re overstating the difficulty. The END-GAME is scarily difficult, for sure. I’m legitimately too scared to try most of it. But everything else? You still got the Ice Cave, the Third Dimension, the Trench and Tomb, Woodland Labyrinths, Crawling Depths. Those are generally easier than any exaltation dungeons. But let’s say that’s too hard. You still got the Ancient Ruins, Manor of the Immortals, Undead Lairs, Abyss of Demons, etc. Those are still too hard? There’s still Sprite Worlds, Snake Pits, hell, even the Hives and Forbidden Jungles. All these dungeons and even the Overworld prepares you to take on harder and harder challenges. And if you don’t want to tackle the harder content for any given reason? Those dungeons or content that you can play are still there, and hey, even easier content is fun because some things that gave you trouble in the past can now easily be conquered by virtue of stats, pets, or even player capability.

The permadeath aspect adds one important thing: risk. You’re risking your character, the stat pots and all the items the character is holding. For anyone who hasn’t mastered the content yet, it’s a weighing of “is running this dungeon worth possibly losing this character?” That answer can vary from person to person. I usually play safer with UTs that I don’t have extras of and can’t easily replace, but go a little riskier if I don’t care about the character I’m playing. And yes, losing the character sucks. That’s the point. It’s an extra incentive not to die and “git gud”, as they say. Of course, I’m saying all this as long as the game holds up in turn, working exactly as expected: no rubberbanding, no lag, a functional nexus key, no random disconnects, no inputs being eaten, no need to literally alt-f4 to exit the game, etc.


Yes, most of the time when I do wlabs I am using the tide turner trident and hitting at least two of my shots during most phases.


that might be the reason why lol
(tide turner is modified to have only 2 shots to reflect you said)


Better off using a Cwhole.


Huh. I guess I never checked that. Thanks for showing me that.