Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Correct! An entirely new behavior was written specifically for this purpose.
I’m not 100% sure how the Crab uses it, but I do know that this Patrol behavior is definitely less :crab: to use than any previous method, since it can remember previously visited nodes.

Gonna bee fun once LH 3.0 drops in 2143 >u<


Ok Wow. That’s some amazing stuff.

And that also opens up a ton of new options for different enemy types, since the system can work in modules. i can already imagine a agent-of-Oryx type dungeon where you sneak around instead of head-on fighting to get to the boss. and if a lone enemy sees you, he runs away and rings a alarm which then activates more patrolling enemies.

There is still the issue of the enemy getting stuck / failing to find any movement node which breaks the AI, tough Im sure this is either too rare to really be a detriment or there might be another simple workaround.


Hmmm… expanding on that, having a lower max-player capacity dungeon where most players start at different points and are assigned on a stealth mission to meet an end objective sounds pretty cool in writing. You could try to muscle your way through some of the enemies of the dungeon, but enough noise would send nearby forces, minimum. (Perhaps that could be a brave strategy to divert the attention away from your comrades? :thinking:)

Anyway, before I go on some creative rant (because my mind is now flooding with ideas that would probably require enough uncouth programming to noticeably lower the lifespan of the devs), having a singular dungeon that is more focused on the rogue-like aspects of the game would be awesome, even if it wasn’t as fancy as more advanced games more oriented for stealth (like Assassin’s Creed, or Metal Gear Solid).


As someone who played Bully and Hotline Miami, if there is gonna be a Stealth section in a non-Stealth game, make sure it’s GOOD. The stealth sections in those specific games were easily the worst part of those games.


What if it was some kind of like minigame dungeon where you go in there with no loot, so you have to sneak around until you find some to beat the boss.


A forced semi-PPE dungeon? It sounds good in theory at first, but the loot would have to be ridiculously common to progress, else the dungeon be far too lengthy, and by proxy, tedious. Also, what would be the max cap for existing gear? Depending on how high that is, that would also effect the dungeon. Just a couple of thoughts.


Rainbow pot farming is not that bad in contrast waht most dudes are complaining about.


Private organised Shatters would involve staying out of range of enemies, which is probably the closest there is to a stealth mission in realm. The problem is that people will just troll or don’t know how to do the dungeon properly, making it a chaotic mess, just like the Shatters or Dammah. A stealth dungeon will only be playable in an organized setting, which would require a good guild, a Discord or that you can solo it, and I do not like dungeons that require those things.

It would be cool to see class-specific routes in a dungeon however, each class having a separate route, designed around the strengths and weaknesses of that class.


Hence the low cap. I was thinking no more than 15, but more like around 10. All it was was an idle thought anyway!

That was another dungeon design I saw somewhere forever ago! I’ll have to see if that was one of Sturky’s ideas or someone else’s, but I should hunt for that.

Speaking of Guild/Discord “encouraged” designs, though…


I don’t really enjoy it and if do pot farm I give up and start a ppe to make it a little bit more enjoyable. It is a lot less fun than a lot of the other content in the game so it’s understandable that a lot of people don’t want to do it and make the game more at a chore than a fun game


Well, maybe that explains why dudes always buying Wis/Vit the most…

But still, current in-game’s eco is RIP…


iirc, its “memory” is emptied once it has no more points to visit. If there’s no nodes in range, then it’s simply a case of adding a fallback behavior to at least make the related object move in such a way that it can get back in range.
(The range itself can be specified, too!)


Kinda reminds me of the heroic dungeons. Annoying af, but good loot. Maybe if they reverted back to the entire Heroic dungeon instead of just the boss room, and put them with golden gland gods, it can be economically better than parasite.


I don’t know if this was an unpopular opinion before, but it is now.

The massive influx of glife and gmana thanks to O3 and the subsequent dropping of prices of life and mana is not a bad thing, rather a natural result of life and mana being more common.

If you think about it, are life pots intrinsically more valuable than an of the other potions? Not really, if any thing I would say they are less valuable than defense for improving my survivability. The only reason they were ever more valuable than defense was their rarity. The same goes for mana. Most classes can live without maxed mana, but it was expensive because it was rare.

In general the prices of life and mana have been dropping because more and more locations have been dropping them. The only reason we haven’t started trading life for vit 1:1 is because people still have that idea that life pots are valuable items, except for the raiders who don’t have anything else.


It helps beginners yes but in the long term it does not help the eco. I would still sell 4 Vit/Def for 1 normal Life pot as well.

Vitality too because it makes a great difference especially for IC/OoC.

This, is one reason why most of my characters are 7/8 without touching Mana. Only time I would max Mana is for Exaltation.

I still view Life pot as somefing valuable as well but the combination of players getting real lazy becomes a habit to other players as well.


Abyss of Demons isn’t worth running/grinding. Its Treasure room is pretty hard to come by but maybe that’s just me. It’s tedious, and I don’t understand why the lava bridges slow you down despite being necessary to cross more than half the time. The enemies are cool, but they can be pretty deadly for a mid-level dungeon.

I think it’s best to compare it to UDL, since they’re both long and drop (IMO) equivalent potions. UDL is much faster to farm since it doesn’t have those lava bridges and you can circle enemies a LOT easier, so rushing is safer. Also, Trooms are much easier to come by but again, might just be me.

A change to Abbys doesn’t have to sacrifice DECA’s vision for it, which is a dungeon that teaches you map hazards, navigation, and the importance of Defense. They could make lava bridges less annoying in corridors, and brutes harder to aggro through walls. I still don’t know why you can’t see enemies through walls when the UDL doesn’t have that feature anymore.

It’s not fun crawling on a lava bridge only to get jumped by brutes that have already lined up to eat my poor rear.

Edit: I find it easier to just farm Woodland Labyrinth (the easiest of all epic dungeons). Better whites too. Which is a shame.


Sewers confuse me because Slime Gods, undeniably the largest enemy to be seen on the way to the boss, is about the midpoint in terms of overall health, at 1000. Compare the Sewer Slimes, some of the goblins, and the Alligator, most of which have DOUBLE the health, if not more. Compare the Abyss, where the White Demon undeniably has the highest health.


If they just made t more common :sob:. Udls aren’t bad because I can pretty reliably get 1-2 trooms. I never bother clearing Abby b/c I know t is so rare.


I would make Abby’s TRoom appear as often as UDL’s. But because TRoom drops both Vit and Def if you soloed it, it makes sense to be somewhat rare. I think Abby’s difficulty is to reflect the value of Vitality as again, critical part of IC/OoC.

It’s more than just you. I had a time that I faced 4-5 TRoom on one UDL. Meanwhile I had a 3 TRoom Abby, no really.

Prolly to make the dungeon harder or something…

WLab TRoom is easy but the boss is rather a nightmare when you do not have Slow, especially when she jumps and insta pop you with her AP shotguns.

The enemies there is fricking scary to the point that I don’t rush Sews but rather full clear for safety. Getting Slowed + Eating 35 AP damage shots -> get clapped real fast.


I’d say that it was more for thematic purposes in the original Godlands Dungeons. Greater (purple) sprites were in the Sprite World for the longest time (which I found to be a little odd, honestly), White Demons in the Abby (when they fixed what god dropped them), Slimes in the Sew, 2 variants of the Beholder in the Library, and then an abstinence of Medusas and Ghost Gods from the Snake Pit and UDL due to the targeted level of difficulty, with the respective bosses kind of counting? Also, Flying Brain dungeon when, DECA… you gave CoaTT to the Djinn family and The Machine to the constructs ahhhhh :tired_face:

To your point though, I don’t remember if they have hp scaling or not, but it feels like they should have that if not. I haven’t tested it :no_mouth: