Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


I love the reworked Sprite World, but that’s the only thing would prefer from the original. The new variations of Sprite Gods in the Sprite World are so hard to differentiate between them and Greater Sprites, so whenever I’m rushing especially with Trickster, I’m always like “hey, why am I missing 150 health and also silenced?”

Don’t remember either, but the strange feeling happens when I kill the Slime Gods with 4-5 Sorc wand shots, and then DOUBLE that for other enemies there. It’s a difference of like a split second, but it’s enough to make me feel uncomfortable with how long it takes to kill other enemies.

Hecking same, but also add random sickness in there either from struggling in moving sewage water or from stray bat hits, which is why I also clear, and noticed that Slime Gods only have 1000 HP, contrasting the 2000+ HP margins for the other enemies.


Totally agree.

Nah, I believe the dungeon was meant to showcase Def’s effects. I’m pretty sure they mentioned it somewhere when the rework rolled out. Which I know is weird to do in a dungeon that drops mainly Vit. (And how Sew stops regen despite dropping Def)

I think they just forgot, haha

Maybe I’m weird, but I prefer rushing Sewers than Abyss


I think it’s everybody


I can rush sews. It’s fairly easy if you dont get slowed/silenced, and it’s not too scary, but it is really fucking cancer when you get slowed in a conveyer belt sick water.

IMO, slowed is one of the most cancerous and rage inducing debuffs in the game. having your speed cut down to 0 is extremely detrimental, and tbh, I think that slowed should only rid a portion of your speed, not all of it.


I mean I can rush Sew but I don’t trust my computer from preventing me getting ping lag.


Yessss. A “slowed” level 5 knight shouldn’t move as fast as a maxed rogue. It’s fair for it to override speedy, but that is silly for what it is called.


I think that dazed and weaken should only get rid of a portion of your dex/attack too, rather than setting them to 0. Boss fights with weaken/daze phases just feel like a huge waste of time (Looking at you, Oryx 1 dance phase). This has been kinda remedied with high MP pets and damaging abilities, but still feels like a waste of time for the most part


Yeah TRUE, they have stunned to make you unable to shoot; petrified too.


I think it should not override speedy, but cut the effects of speedy as well, so the buff is not wasted.


at least, they should have been kept as an rare alternative (got with special keys or something, e.g. rng on dungeon drop) :slight_smile:

Unpopular opinions:

RotMG can be very satisfiying for years without a completion of any endgame dungeon!

It was never easier to get an 8/8 char as it is currently.

Life and mana pots are the less valuable in the whole game. The only thing which made it worth much for trading is that you need to take a higher risk to get them. Any rainbow pot strongens your charackter more than a life or mana pot (especially def, spd, atk, dex).

Having (and keeping) an orange star is better than getting the white star! Fact!

Is it really necessary that the tiered wands deal more damage than the tierred katanas up to T11 - they also have a longer range and both do pierce enemies. In my point of few this is ridiculous. So a katana class can never be a prefered beginner’s class compared to the wand classes.

Swapping items for different situation is way overrated.

Having too much speed increases mainly the time to death.

another one: it’s worth to clear all enemies in the gland dungeon (not only in manors and ruins for the feed power st items). It’s fast and low-risk fame with a chance for t rooms in some dungeons.

The Necromancer is the best class (not the most damage, most survivability, most fun etc. but from all of these more than average).

From the Horticultural Huntress set the trap is the hardest to get (got about 5-6 bergenias, some ringe and some hides but only 2 traps for now - and as I like the Magic Woods I’m very often in there)

Destroying the tables in the Mad Lab never decreased drop chances from bosses, but increased number of players leaving the dungeon before the bosses (long time ago, when getting souldbound damage was a thing and the community was full of hate ingame)

Getting an orange loot bag makes me more happy than getting a white bag. UTs can be forged, STs cannot.

Neither UT nor ST items should be tradable (also not forgeable in my opinion)! The easier it is to get one the less satisfying it is to find one after a wild boss fight.

and the last two for now: running treasure caves is always worth the effort and you should never just rush through as there is no easier way to get rainbow pots quickly

when you get high-level loot or pots that you don’t need (e.g. on ppe or something) take it with you and give it to other players. you can make somebody very happy with just a few clicks (but never give it to beggers)!


Ehhh like everything else, depends on what you use the character for. Life, Spd and (maybe) Vit are the three most important stats for surviving the hardest endgame dungeons.


Some hot takes here haha.

First 3: for sure! Although I think a lot of the fun in the game is trying to get better items and challenge yourself to harder content.

Orange star??? Haha naw fam. Maybe yellow just to make a statement about how one or two classes suck. But you’re just limiting yourself by not trying them out (because any more that’s what 5 stars on a class really means).

Well not mainly, only if you aren’t very good at handling the speed. It’s risk-reward since it definitely makes it faster to complete content (eg: my first time doing dhammah knives on a maxed rogue I could barely hand the speed, now I love it. I can just get through to the gaps faster)

These two make no sense together. Necro isn’t very good imo because if you know what you are getting into, you can basically always pick another class that will do the job better. But it is reasonably versatile (especially solo) if you want to bring the swapouts. But seeing as how you don’t like speed, I can see why you like necro as that is definitely one of his most glaring weaknesses (even knight can pull off faster top speed).

Hard pass on this one. It’s worth looking for trooms in udl, ddocks, and wlab, but other than tcave (as you mentioned), it’s not worth it. Gods are better, almost as easy fame, that also drop potions and more dungeons that you could be killing instead of clearing the likes of mwoods and Cdepths. This is assuming you can rush.

The forge doesn’t make me any less happy to see a white bag. Still one of the prettiest goddamn pieces of pixel art in history. The best part is that I can do a variety of content (not just grind the same dungeon over and over) and still get some of the (Gems won’t give me bps :triumph:) items that I want. No matter what the white bag is, I can probably turn it into something I’ll actually use (instead of feeding it).


I find that the Fog of War can be so ugly and distracting, I would prefer it like how flash was windowed, to be honest. They can make it ten times better by making terrain go in and out of Fog of War smoothly instead of per tile, but I don’t know if that is possible.

Also, why is there no zoom option that places the upper and bottom edge of your field of view at the top and bottom of your screen? I have a 1920x1080 monitor and I don’t know if that might be specific to certain resolutions.


You can adjust the size of your game window manually in regedit. I just messed around with numbers until I got what I wanted (It will be the screenmanagerresolutionheight and screenmanagerresolutionwidth values). I don’t know if that, combined with picking the resolution option closest to your screen size will work to completely eliminate your FoW, but I prefer it over fullscreen or cutting off a little bit.

I personally vastly prefer ANY sacrifice that allows me to actually see wand’s full shot range (vs. old flash).


Wizzard fucking boring AF and has the most boring UTs except para spell, they literally never do anything but different ways of doing dmg, mystic and necro are far superior in terms of interesting things. Technically the ST sea scroll but thats ST

people sleep on the skull of torment after complaining about puri nerf
Esbens wedding ring is like the 4-5rd best ring in the game unironically, 60hp 60mp and 10 atk at the cost of -5 def which is pretty useless in endgame.


i agree because trickster is the best class and not wizard/


trickster or mystic are def the most skillful, also shoutout to ninja and sorc


coro is maybe the best ring in the game


not unpopular, is fact. Coro is BIS for a lot of classes.

And even if it isnt BIS i still use it on 4 of my 5 characters lmfao


lumi is perfectly fine where it is. no nerf or buff needed imo

unless deca decideds to ramp down the power creep, which in that case all items would be affected, including tiered ones, but not lumi specifically. thats a game design thing, not really applicable for lumi and other “best in slot” uts and items