Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


I find running around on a dps wiz really fun, also going for top in 03 is the most fun I have in this game. Only every got it once though…. And I died in the run I got it


lmao nice


Actually even before its buff, it’s still better than Horn.


Mystic is the best class
Coronation is the best ring
All gems whites are bad
Beisa has the second best drops in osanc to leuc
Beisa star is underrated
Colo sword on knight doesn’t work
Pets aren’t as OP as people make out
Deca is a way better company than Kabam and the game is at its best
Fungal and Crystal caverns aren’t boring
Incubation mace is way too broken
Rushing on trickster isn’t easy
Priest can do dps


but…but…avarice and monocle?


ATT < DEX with AB so monocle sucks.


That is if you have Bearer + Conflict.

Well it is the only O3 accessory that gives MP so yes. Horn is pseudo-DPS as the +10 Dex is unreliable.

I myself use Resu on my main Samu as pseudo-DPS armor but doesn’t consider it as 1/4.

How so?

Enforcer, Shielding (it is the only DPS armor in O3 aside Leviathan Armor).


I do see the reason why. Knight’s Shields range is a lot shorter than Colo’s effective range.

Well post-IC/OoC, pets are fine now.

Well Deca still have their mistakes that they need to fix up.

Worm Mom’s fight demands dodging. Whenever I raid any Exaltation dungeons, I pack myself with bunch of HP pots (in O3, I stock up Ichors).


This is because of you might accidently teleport to an enemy and get insta-popped?

Actually any class can.


Monocle is ass cuz rouge sucks and avarice is outshined by CC and cdirk.


No it’s not. Mystic completely outshines most classes due to insane dps insane support and insane utility.

Avarice is worse than CC and cdirk, coin is horrible just use a tiered decoy/brain, turncoat is the only ok drop as it’s good for rushing and monocle is just bad compared to other o3 rings.

Deca has fault but this game pre deca was actually so shit it’s not even funny

Archer and huntress can’t dps






Why the hell ppl h8 Rogue?


I think the main reason that I, personally, dislike Rogue, is four main factors:

  1. No consistent group utility. You going invisible doesn’t assist the group in any way, and you still have to find a way to squeeze use out of it. Removing aggro from yourself can be a rather powerful ability…if not for point number
  2. Aggro is good, actually. Being unable to “control” how an enemy moves by shifting its aggro to someone else can be rather weird, if not directly harmful. An enemy that normally circles you can now sit on top of you, since it picks the closest visible player as center of this circle. Stand on the edge and it’s instapop city.
  3. Daggers aren’t that strong. I mean, they’re still better compared to their pre-buff versions, but you’ve still got a rather awkward range and mediocre bulk. Specking into DPS is rather tempting considering you can remove aggro, until the final point comes into play.
  4. Aggro is not that common. If all enemies had their automatic attacks reverted to either specifically-aimed-at-object or targeted attacks, Rogue would be a cheese machine. However, that’s not the reality we live in, and there are many attacks in the endgame, and even in the lategame, that render your invisibility nigh useless, or possibly even detrimental - see point #2; a fair number of enemies have a backup “Wander” behavior, making them move randomly when no player is close by.

That’s just my 2 cents, though :stuck_out_tongue:


cdirk doesn’t outdamage avarice

uh no it’s not, it’s a permanent decoy at the exact tile you want with a 100 mheal pet, and it gives 8 offensive stats (which equals any endgame ring except horn and crown)

uh no? i don’t think you realize the stats of the monocle, it gives 140hp and 8atk, that’s a dps item + it gives 140hp, it’s a big deal, there’s like only horn, crown, and maybe coro that tops that

yes it can, if you can’t it means you don’t use the right items/play badly, i have a guildie that gets top damage on o3 over 4/4 exalted wizards on his archer

literally, the hell you on about? almost anything you said is false, idk why but you hate these classes/items so much it alters your judgement, try being a little bit more factual


not unpopular

not unpopular

not unpopular

not unpoplar

not that unpopular

not that unpopular, and yeah with nerfs obviously not. before nerfs vs after nerfs with ic/ooc pets were very cracked tho

lol the least unpopular opinion ever

you monster.


not unpopular, rushing is hard. trix makes it easier, but not super easy

not unpopular, but not the best class to do dps


curse is only good thing about mystic

avarice better, monocle is insanely cracked


Coronation’s pre-buffed stats were way better than Horn still.


Cdirk shots are way more consistent and from my experience in phases like melts where o3 moves a lot I find avarice a pain to land compared to a simple tiered dagger.
Coin is only useful if you have a 100 mheal pet and can keep up the decoy the dps stats are useful but for the sake of 4 dex and 4 atk I wouldn’t say it’s a good item.
Mondale is worse than every o3 ring apart from banner which at this point banner is a joke anyway.

You can top on any class against bad players, 4/4 wizzy ≠ skill


Never done a fs? Never done a shatters? Never done a fungal? Never done a beisa? Never done any means of solo play?

If the answer to any of these is no then that statement is completely wrong


Man, I know it’s been going on for a long time, but whatever happened to this remaining an “unpopular opinions” thread? It’s often felt more like a “we’ll try to fix your broken way of thinking: free therapy session!” thread half the time.

Whether or not the posters are correct, couldn’t we leave them be? I feel like this was originally sort of intended to be a “safe spot” for that nonsense, right? At least debate it somewhere else?

Maybe that’s just me. :no_mouth: