Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


I do agree, I mean I do it myself sometimes. I think its more because more people care talking about more things “in the grey water”, such as which items are better than others, or why certain mechanics of the game are good or bad. Before, there were were a lot of “more common” unpopular opinions such as why events are ruining the game and the game’s community isn’t that toxic


i’d love to see a clip of someone shooting oryx with a dagger while he’s moving in fury phase, unless you want to die tanking all the shots you can’t, and when you can shoot him he’s stationary, so fairly easy to hit

uh, rotmg is almost solely about dps, that’s more or less the only thing that matters, so yeah dps stats matter a lot
ima just give you an example so you can clearly understand how it is about dps: just compare the duration (only of the sanctuary) of an osanc/dungeoneer run with a <20 ppl run with endgame gear
one lasts 15-25 minutes, the other 7-9min
and during these 15 more minutes you’re still “in danger” because you have to dodge everything and phases last way longer

i already said why it wasn’t, you can read my post or start giving arguments

these runs were done in endgame, so not “bad players”
since i see you still don’t understand, here’s a graph

you can see that archer is very close to wizard and warrior, and actually almost tops ep on staggers, vbow is also better than wizard post exalted


Especially with the upcoming Shatters rework, Realm is getting really beginner unfriendly, and transitioning from 6/8ing and 8/8ing classes to exalting stats is going to be extremely difficult to do without dying a ton after shatters is reworked.


is the new shatters hard? I haven’t seen footage yet.


In all due respect, I wouldn’t consider end-game dungeons “beginner friendly” anyway. Most end-game content in general games by very nature aren’t intended for beginners.

I recognize that there seems to be a stigma with some to “hurry up” and get on par with those who have mastered the game, but all seems rather silly to me. Take your time with the lesser dungeons, then practice the end-game!

I personally think there’s far too much hand holding in higher dungeons. There are those that will plow ahead, destroying enemies before they reach the noobs hanging in the back so never have a chance to learn their patterns, and the healing and defensive weapons create a further safety bubble. Most of the times that I see players die/nexus is in scenarios where they are separated from the group and haven’t developed the dodging skills to fend for themselves, because they haven’t practiced. The same is partly true even with the boss fights!


You are not expected to raid endgame dungeon immediately if you are a new player. Heck, they don’t even know how to survive against the basic things 1st.


you see, that’s the problem
people start playing realm and they already are doing “endgame” content

that shouldn’t be the case, people shouldn’t be able to do the hardest content in the game right after installing it but they think they should

i’m a bit worried about the progression curve of the game tho, i’ve had friends who recently started the game and they entered their first o3 like a week after they started playing, idk that just doesn’t sound normal to me


wait actually? how many 8/8s did he have?


he had 1 8/8 thanks to free candies, otherwise none lol
and he managed to get 2 whites from minis, he hadn’t finished an o3 tho


Who dragged them to raid O3 that early?


Its because players have slowly started to believe that the objective for Realm is to be become the best players in the game, through getting the best items, doing the best bosses, and being a part of or creating a top guild. Originally, most players wanted to slowly progress, and learn how to get better before trying endgame content, but now, with the dps meta inbound and discord server allowing for more accessible ways to do endgame dungeons, this has changed the mindset of newer players who believe that in order be respected, they must do what the bolded section says. Essentially, newer players (in my experience) have slowly wanted to do endgame content as they see most other players using discord server to easily and efficiently do endgame dungeons, and because everyone else is doing it, and also because that’s how you become “good at the game”, these players slowly want to strive to beat harder and harder content as a way to show that they’re skilled at Realm, along with other things that show your prestige.


some other friends that had started the game a year ago but they weren’t that good either, they could barely finish a lh and void


fullskip useless in current meta- wastes time

use divinity/wizard and dont activate spawns

stuns make up for a lot, just dodge, but a very good mystic is sometimes useful

if you can’t survive beisa without minions being stasised that is a skill issue

A. Complete solo play is not rewarding
b. yes i have done solos, other classes are better/more consistent


wait huh? surviving beisa without stasised minions is a skill issue?


shut mouth

delete this message right now this is a threat


skill issue


The Shatters in it’s current state is my favorite dungeon in the game :slight_smile:


I just dodn’t understand itWhy would being able to survive beisa without a mystic be a skill issue?.


Its a joke dw dragonrage is a clown


hi hi sorry for the late reply I’m not gonna answer/argue any of the other points unless you really want me to as Im not gonna change your opinion and your not gonna change mine.
However I forgot about pred bows existence even so how the fuck is your guildie topping on an archer against endgame wizzys holy shit that takes skill beyond what I can imagine now my noob ass topping with my 4/4 samurai in pub osanc runs seems a bit less cool >:(
And last point is that I think you overestimate melts honestly especially on a trickster you can land shots very easily. Anyways have a nice day even though this is 4 days late