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Divinity > Majesty because in endgame content, you will reach a point where you will hit more beams and shots with divinity. Many times with Majesty you have to get up in the bosses face only to be shotguned, while divinity, its extra half tile, and its beam serve as a way to stand back a bit while still dealing constant damage.

^I’m talking about single boss fights, where people generally consider Colo and tiered swords to be better than divinity because of their superior short-term damage and because they have buffs advantage


The game is good


I find I miss shots with div because I play on a shitty laptop, tiered swords work better for me in most cases





confirmed unpopular lol


wait that you you? or was that someone else, because I remember seeing that yesterday and being like “alright, you’re not wrong I guess”


Deca is trying to appeal to players by giving away free sts




this event


But what ya mean “Appeal”? What did they did wrong?


cough dupe cough garbage servers cough please continue to play our game




Unpopular Opinion: Rotmg’s way of accessing different equipment is boring and not worth it. (Early game to Late game)

Rotmg using nothing but tiered sets is just “shoot enemies” “use ability” and “dodge boolet”. Untiered items are usually what give more variety to gameplay but the way players access them, especially in early-game is flawed. Like sure, we have things like the snake eye ring and other godlands UTs like the cloak of the planeswalker, but even then those require many runs to even obtain them. The worst part is that you now have to decide if it is worth dying with them now.

Let’s say I want to play Mystic. What are my options?
Orb of Sweet Demise. Rare drop from Queen Bee, which is from a dungeon that literally isn’t worth doing at all other for rather weak UTs.
Enchantment Orb. Another rare drop but this time from a much rarer dungeon.
Orb of Conflict, yeah you know what I mean. I don’t need to talk about the other 3.

Unlike most games, where if you found a rare drop you can use them forever, realm’s permadeath prevents that. Combined with the rare drop and permadeath aspect you also miss out on one of the really fun things equipment has to offer, “Mixing and Matching to suit your style”. I’ve had a ton of fun trying to mix and match items in testing just because there are so many options and swap outs etc. On prod, all I see is “Use tiered or risk losing a rare item for better gameplay.”

You can argue things like how Planewalker can still be obtained cos it requires only 4 beginner dungeon drops but it isn’t the same for other classes. Planewalker provides one of the best alternative options to the main cloak while still dropping in lower-tiered dungeons for a low cost but then we look at Sorceror where he doesn’t have that many options outside of Fulmi and Devastation which are both also rather rare items.

At this level, everything just drops so seldom to even provide constant engaging gameplay unless you start getting lots of them which only End-game players have. I want to start dual welding the tiered orb with the soul bearer but the risk is just too high to actually have fun in it before being devastated by the death of losing the only soul bearer you would’ve had. So all I end up having to do is use WC tops non-stop and my entire rotmg life is “shoot enemies” “use ability” and “dodge booklets” as compared to my testing life where I’d go in for damage so much more often while swapping orbs whenever I can with a superior. Rotmg is fun being able to solo LoD with different kinds of UTs for different kinds of situations and just feeling like you focused and did something in the game as compared to spamming left click and right click because you either have really bad luck or you can’t bear the cost of losing said items.

Side note: This was written when I was sleepy so I might have gone off track.


I don’t personally agree with this. While yes, I understand that Realm indirectly deters newer players from wanting to use new items they get because they might lose it, for players like me whom might have more than one of a ut, they are definitely more willing to use those uts more often.

At the same time though, it just depends on your playstyle. For me, I like to put my endgame gear on my 8/8s, even if I only have one of those items. I like using strong items with the safety of knowing that I have a lower chance of dying, but I know some people will not be willing to even use one rare item for the fear of dying. Sure, it sucks to die with good gear, but at the same time, what’s the point of having gear if you’re not even going to use it because of your fear to die with it?

Testing is just testing, and in my opinion, you should use testing as a way to learn how to do dungeons/use items without the fear of having to constantly rebuild. Before this recent testing, I was too scared to go in on the void entity on its circling phases, but after I practiced doing it on a warrior on testing, I feel confident enough as to maybe do it regularly on prod. You said that you regularly swap out gear with other uts on testing, so how about trying it on prod? You might die, but honestly, keeping yourself in the mindset of “I might die with x or y” will not allow for you to experience Realm in its fullest.


Sounds like an absolutely massive skill issue ngl


the other orbs are really good what are you on about. aether orb from mountain temple (forgable too), plus the ST orb from abyss is great, the oryx ability orb is great too, and the soul of the bearer is good too.
i also disagree with your entire premise, the game starts off with just grinding ass you say, but later on as you get more blueprints it is super easy to get all the specific items you are looking for without grinding for 100s of hours like you used to. back in the day, if you wanted a colo sword, the only option was to grind MBC for possibly hundreds of runs to get it, now, you just do 2 mbcs and use 4 end-game whites which should take about 40 fungals without loot boost. thanks to the item forge, most end-game whites can be achievable easily. (colo might be a bad example since the BP is no longer attainable) IMO the game is way less grindy and way more fun with the new system. I myself play with a lot of endgame items and whenever I die I tend to lose 4-5 endgame whitebags, with the forge i can get these back very easily, especially because i never feed endgame whites i save them to forge


I hate the forge and love it at the same time. Its way too OP and makes the game unbalanced but it also is a life saver as my current beisa ratio is 0(1bp):4(5bps):1(0bp):7(3bp) and as someone who literally only plays samurai its really annoying for this to happen. However, when I forged the enforcer it just felt cheated and like I didn’t really “earn” it. I think I own 4 enforcers as I literally only forge enforcers but they all feel like I’ve done nothing but lost 2 cdirks and some other gemsbook whites to make my favourite item.


I guess you must have been very sleepy when you wrote this.




You think I have an endless supply of cult whites? Sorry but cdirks sometimes have to be sacrificed for superior whites. On a side note if you were to ask me what white I regret forging the most it would have to be ogmur honestly. As much as I don’t play knight with anything but buckler and cshield eye, ogmur would still be nice to have back.