Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


agreed about shatts, agree on colo and lumi (ive tried them on testing and its so hard ot use them), idk about corr cutter since i dont play daggers much, i think i agree on cranium. idk about shielding since i mainly play wizard. agree on mystic (would play her if i had good mys gear). small runs are really fun. idk my problem with mbc is that in survival you literally cant dodge everything and have to tank annoying shots. void was quite easy for me but idk if my opinion counts since i lost my wasd keys a long time ago. fc and cc are quite fun, new shatts is also really fun idk about others tho. agree kind of about discords but it is kinda sad that you spend more time and a bazaar than in a realm in a game called REALM of the mad god. (perhaps change to Cloth Bazz of the Mad God? CBotMG?) and yes. half the problems the community complains about are not deca’s fault


unpopular opinion: old shatters was way better and I wish it went back to the way it was.


ah yes, a dungeon so braindead that you fall asleep doing it, gotta bring it back


If you can’t do the new shatters, you probably can’t do the Oryx 2 dancing phase.


i can do oryx dancing phase tho. the only phase ive died to is o3 celestial because i havent done enough o3’s yet


I suppose this kind of depends on which other dungeons you’re referring to, as this implies dungeons like The Third Dimension and High Tech Terror are harder than the current Shatters…unless that’s actually what you meant. But to be fair, the only other dungeon I can think of that I’d have the same opinion with is O3 Sanctuary - As much as I took more tries to finish my first Shats compared to my first O3, I still believe the Shatters is actually not that unmanageable after you’ve practiced it sufficiently.

Don’t get me wrong, it still requires those balancing changes, but just to make the dungeon experience more tolerable and enjoyable (and not steamrollable…but I guess that’s inevitable for the future), as currently everything has a bit too much health for anyone’s liking, myself included~


When the opinion is unpopular but gets 0 likes lmao


Colo and lumi reward good players, as they should, they should always be better than tiered swords because they are harder to control, I feel like thats the whole point.


Exactly. I disagree with it but I’ll like it because its what this thread is all about.


Putting ice cubes in your water is a ridiculous way to consume H2O. Using crushed ice is even worse.


Damn that’s a heavy topic


My opinion on def vs hp.
Since vital combat, I don’t enjoy the armors that value hp over def now. I used to enjoy the mbc breastplate a lot, but now, I just use a dominion armor over it because I’m more of a reckless player so I’d rather be able to take shots that don’t put me in combat.
I used to use the Crystal Kunoichi set, but since vital combat, I can’t get around the low 30 defense it gives. I completely understand why most people still prefer these, but thats not my stance on them


Honestly I still find breastplate better than t15 in most places but I can easily get more t15 and breastplate can be used to forge better stuff


Drinking hot water is pain.

Crushed ice is some lunatic level stuff though


It’s crunchy tho :yum:.


agree with all except the last one


Imo ppl that use autoheal or autonexus should be banned while “draggers” shouldnt


Dragging is not always intentional. But it’s hard to tell you are intended to get players’ characters killed or not.

Autonexus, godmode, debuff-immunity etc should be bannable offence yes.


imo any toxic behaviour like dragging shouldnt be bannable but it should always have punishment. i really dont get why people do it, it just wastes other peoples time and sometimes money if a key is griefed.


It’s like asking why people in normal mmorpgs try to pvp.
Is it more efficient/benefitable than normal methods of playing? Nope, doing criminal actions tends to lead to the game’s/player’s justice system going after you.
People can roleplay as the villain/a**hole precisely because it’s a rpg.

Another reason why is it’s a type of “gameplay” RotMG draggers enjoy. Some people in RotMG enjoy just merchanting, others find bliss in collecting every item, some speedrun dungeons without even caring about events, and just like those people, draggers enjoy pvping players.

However, DECA bans draggers since their vision of RotMG, a pve focused game, isn’t a game that actively encourages pvp. Players already have permadeath, heartbreaking difficulty, game breaking bugs, and back breaking grind to deal with. People don’t want the wildcard of indirect pvp to be included for their brains to factor into gameplay, especially since people can lose money.