Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


My unpopular opinion today is that base HP should be raised across the board like +100 on all classes and large HP bonuses on rings should be greatly reduced, dow to like 25%. Even if it means players need to drink like 10-15 more life to max, since life is easier than ever to get rn. I’m talking like Decas giving 65 HP max, tiered rings giving like +10/20/30/40/50/60, and underutilized STs can keep a good amount of HP.

Reason: to make game slightly easier for people who are bad, to make rings other than HP viable, to challenge the balance of the economy and add a little more value to life.


actually good idea, exept now only dps rings willg et used


hey, whatever helps me sell a t6 ring for a potion


Actually… no.

Someone else made a better suggestion:
Tiered Rings Rebalance - Game Discussion - Forum |

Don’t forget Horn powercrept Deca ring as it gives the same amount of Surviability stats but with 10 Lethality stats when 90%+ HP.


Did you read the rest of my post?

I have read the OP you linked as well as your comments in the thread.
Both of you seemed to call for increased stats on all tiered rings, as well as some UTs. Imo this hurts less utilized UT and ST rings/sets, which I mentioned wishing were more viable at all levels to compensate for their rarity. Another potential issue is that it this could result in players just power creeping the content of the early-mid game. I still don’t think this would change people skipping straight to t4+ hp rings, except that sometimes they might have def rings instead.

Here’s the current state of the game vs. my Life balance idea.
Why is Sphinx the worse ring from tomb (Rare instead of Epic like the other two)? Why does everyone go nuts about Pyras? Because the HP tradeoff is so great. It feels bad to choose a ring that trades 100 hp and 4 def for 4 dex and one more use of ability before needing to regen. However if the hp difference was less, it would be a harder choice, maybe 50 hp pyra and 30 hp Nile would get competition from Sphinx. If they all had their rainbow stats increased and life/mana remained unchanged, then the extra def and atk Pyramid gets would still make it used more than the other two imo.
Ok now what if I’m a light blue star and I had to choose between Divine Faith, Fairy Ring, Amulet of Dispersion…or Expo? For cyan bag UT rings that come from roughly the same stage of the game, you generally only see one of them used by experienced players for their ppes.

As for Exalted’s Horn, the fact that it powercrept so hard is due to many items having inflated life bonuses attached to them instead of character base life / maxed life amount being higher. Imagine drinking those Life potions and getting more net HP than spending them on a ring. Imagine how upset player won’t be when their rings give less life but their hp is higher because their life is higher. They’ll joyously equip rings that also give more mp, def, wis, spd and dps. (Vitmod when ??). The only overall game balance thing that would change is lessening the one thing people complain about the most: dying.


Um… its recent buff made Sphinx ain’t shit anymore. It is now a mix of utility + DPS.

Most of time I use UBDef if possible. I am not saying the HP meta is not an issue except we disagree on each other’s solutions.

NGL, I would use all 3 Tomb ring regardless of what. I happen to switch between them if possible.

Vit-mod for what?


This is because deca is a dummy and forgot to change the forge values of sphinx after making it sorta viable in a recent update. As of right now, I’d actually wear a sphinx over a pyra due to the increase dps.

While I could understand this argument if it were coming from a newer player who’d see hp as the god send stat, for more experienced players, we tend to use things that benefit our set ups the most. Because high dps sets are the meta as of current, more people are willing to change their sets to be more offensive than defensive. This is why items such as breastplate of new life and soulless robe have been shoved aside for items such as glad guard and diplo/vesture. This can also be seen by the fact that players have started to become more skilled at dodging, meaning that they don’t feel that they have to constantly wear hp rings on their sets. Obviously, I still use hp rings, but if I find, for example, a ubdex while farming cults, I’d actually use it over hp because I’d prefer having dps over hp. Again, that doesn’t mean that everyone will have the same feelings about this as me, but I think a majority of players would use a esben ring(a dps ring that makes you def) over a ubhp purely because of increased dps.

Again, I seriously don’t wanna be rude, but I feel like you’re having a pre lost halls mindset about this. The meta really isn’t same as before nest and lost halls existed, especially with harder content increasing the skill of players, and therefore increasing a player’s confidence in using items that give rainbow stats.


imo rotmg is in the best state it has ever been (not including dcs).


Considering MBC can be soloed, despite the double drivebys, paralyze jumps, and survival. Compared to Void’s damage cap, stacked shots and constant minions. I don’t think this is an unpopular opinion.


I know that outright stripping pet utility out of the game is a bad move, but I wonder if merely stripping Heal/MHeal/Electric abilities out of the game could be healthier in the long run (or heck, even leave Electric so some don’t throw as big of a fit). I don’t know how feasible it would be for players to be given a choice on what replacement abilities they would use. This way, money spent by players won’t have been entirely blown.

Obviously, some dungeons will probably have to be changed, but with how gutsy some players are, petless endgame is shown to be entirely possible. I don’t foresee Organized Discords ever vanishing, so if people are going to go that route, so be it. But I’d be curious to see how the culture shifts with less consistently available MP and HP reserves. DECA might be able to get more creative realm/dungeon designs without getting too extreme, given these new perimeters.

Newer players won’t feel the change as much, since this is the kind of gaming style they already live with. I’d imagine some of you might quit, but how severe do you guys think this implementation’s effects would be? Again, this is not an avocation for pet removal, just the main heavy hitting support systems.


For me, I can’t play without having a MHeal pet at the very least. But if Deca is going to accept your suggestion, I would buff Vit + Wis.

Basically if I am using my MHeal-only pet, my Vitality regeneration gets increased by 2x further.


Well, can’t play, or have to get back to playing on a level you don’t prefer? It may be hard for some to accept that without those aids, they may be back to mid-game, or even earlier levels of play. It is then you have to train back up by dodging over tanking.

I don’t know if vit/wis would need a rework over other aspects of the game, but I’d rather not get into those semantics quite yet. I’m speaking about this concept in principle.


I tried no-Heal gameplay before. It did indeed, made me dodge more smoothy based on my experience.

Don’t forget that a 75 Vit character when OoC means approx 20 HP/sec (naturally). With max Divine (90 HP per heal) we are talking about approx 110 HP per seconds.

20 vs 110 is a HUGE difference.

I am aware the fact you want to rebalance pets though.


I think it’d start off with a mix of angry players throwing a fit and potentially leaving, paired with a spike in deaths as players get accustomed to their new limits.
Subsequently, the meta would probably move towards more healing classes per group for organized runs, with melees likely being played much less than they are now.

One thing I’m definitely curious about would be the new pet meta. I feel like Decoy would become a new standard - possibly paired with an attack ability and Savage.
Ideally I’d love to see some more diverse pet abilities added in the form of procs. Imagine how cool it’d be if your pet could act like a pocket Leaf Hide - or heck, just more tweaks to existing abilities! Make attack abilities on par with Summons! Give Rising Fury…uh…something! There are possibilities!!!


Teh pet ability “attack far” needs a buff so that it one-shots everything! :smiley:


Even Oryx 3? :eyes:


Idea: rising fury gives dex/att boost of increasing size the longer you stand still. Tactical minimal-movement dodging.


Other idea: instead of just removing heal/mheal/electric, just severely nerf them, while also buffing other abilities. Having a heal/mheal/electric pet would still be cool, but other things would be cool to have too.


Eh… I would encourage petless gameplay instead hard-nerf them.


rotmg should be bought by a different company other than deca such as hello games