Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


On the flip side, the blame lies on Deca for making dragging so easy. Unlike an elaborate exploit, you literally just walk a few tiles to drag an enemy. They have incorporated features to make dragging harder, but at the end of the day, unlike trying to “exploit” the game, you are literally just making an enemy aggro you, a normal part of the game.

Deca shouldn’t ban people for simply using their basic game features. Some might compare dragging to exploiting, because they might technically both be “using game features”, but,

A. Exploiting usually requires cheats
B. Exploiting has significant impact

Dragging and trolling with stasis are pure parts of the game and require neither, and should not be punishable offenses. Instead, Deca should fix those issues.

FYI: I consider things such as duping, etc. to be exploiting

    I also consider that if dragging is an offense, pvping miasma should also be an 
    offense, yet that would be plain stupid, because pvp miasma is a game feature. 
    Imagine that instead of quadrants, you had people running around lost halls. They 
    are the same thing, therefore if we ban one we should ban the other.

In short, Deca has built their game to be pvp’d, and they should not ban people for making giant textboxes and “pvping” or “dragging” when they are already providing tools such as disabling textboxes, and releasing baby mode features such as teleporting back dragged mobs. Why ban or even give any sort of punishment?


I believe that rotmg should introduce rwt with gold and steam currency on the stuff thats already tradedable and but only allow people to trade after they get 5-10 stars. This would stop the rwt sites and they could take a 5-10% cut and would even earn some extra cash if they make it so you have to use steam currency.




The amount of effort he put in to try and justify being an asshole for the sake of being an asshole is kind of impressive






Players are going to be angry almost no matter how you touch pets. Rebalancing characters in addition to other dungeons seems like it would be necessary following such a change, but that’s not my current topic focus, as that’s a different headache.

I think MHeal plays an equally important part of needing removal as Healing does. The excess of Healing is an obvious controversial topic, but the spamming of abilities plays a critical part in fights, too. The need for players to be a little more careful about what, how, and when abilities should be used would become more imperative.

Repeatedly pressing right click (or spacebar, if you’re like me and do it the old way still) and obtaining infinite or massive reserves of power (depending on the class) just seems to make even endgame trivial for many groups. The bar has to be lifted higher every time a new end-game dungeon releases to provide a challenge it seems, inviting yet another face of powercreep with open arms. If we were all “nerfed” with our lifelines cut, would that not make new content easier to introduce?

I don’t know, though. I’m pretty sure DECA already dropped the “pet nerf” bomb, and wouldn’t want to revisit that again.

(Also, Rising Fury could charge while you move… even if the damage gets nerfed. I use Rising Fury as my third ability, so maybe I’m a little biased? Lol)


spamming my ability is fun, eg wiz is boring as an npe alot of the time, same with other classes. Also going back to non perma speedy on war, ninja ect would kill me


With ninja as my near favorite class, I’d also miss that, but the cost would be worth it in my mind.


The Mad Lab dungeon doesn’t fit in with the rest of the game. I always thought of realm existing in a fantasy world like Lord of the Rings and it’s too futuristic. Maybe it’s a me thing but I would definitely reskin it into more of an alchemy lab or witch’s lair.


You aren’t the only one I’ve seen complain about that, though it’s usually directed towards the existence of aliens. I am admittedly more of a Science Fiction nerd, but I’ve loved it when that and Fantasy co-exist with one another. Realm perhaps isn’t the most tactful with it though, I agree.

I think that if there were more connections to Realms beyond our current ones, ones in different stages of development, it might make more sense. We could be a smaller piece in a grander scheme, ruled by a greater god than Oryx who oversees all dimensions. Dr. Terrible is just from a scientifically advanced one who can hop realities, or something like that.


Yeah, IMO MHeal made the game a lot more fun. Otherwise, most damage dealing abilities would feel useless and I would just use long duration utility abilities instead. It does cause some issues like easy perma speed for warrior, making ninja’s lower cost speedy irrelevant, but overall I think it made a ton of classes much more fun to play. I always thought that abilities dealt too little damage and cost too much mana before, the absurd MHeal rates helped remedy this in my eyes.


That just reminded me that if I don’t have a MHeal pet at the very least, shit is going to be really boring.


cracks knuckles
gonna mass dump my TRIED and TRUE unpopular opinions about realm… call these the ramblings of a madman if you want but i had a bunch of opinions about rotmg that got shittalked into the ground so im posting them here lmao

  • osanc (and the whole oryx castle chain) shouldn’t have hp scaling, instead make the hp tailored for ~50 people (also remove the "guaranteed for 1 drop rate on o3 tops, make it percentage based)
  • katana should be heavy armor or replaced by a heavy armor weapon
  • bard should be a leather armor class
  • class unlock order needs to be reworked, its super inconsistent as is
  • there should have only ever been 1 ut per item type with the exception of rings (sword, orb, bow, helm, etc.)
  • teleportation should be made significantly less common, perhaps the elder realms token system in the realm, and completely disabled in dungeons (with areas like tomb being reworked to fit this)
  • key system should be removed or restricted to guild only


  • almost forgot, remove pets and vital combat, fuck pets
  • skins are stupid and should be removed

alright :+1: please tell me if you disagree with me i’d love to elaborate on these


make it percentage based
Bye bye to any chances newer players will get osanc tops, with only the people who have osanc sets that throw away osanc tops since they already have 20 sets of them in the vault

Bard will have as much if not more range than a staff, more def than a leather armor, and yet it still needs more?

Okay how will RotMG last if players can’t even collect a wide variety of items, a staple of rpg games.

All the players have to run to glands over and over again, with the midlands, highlands, and beach being completely boring and disengaging.

This happens if DECA becomes a nonprofit organization, or finds a more addictive way for people to spend money.


no, i love my skins >:(
windflower my beloved <3 <3 <3


I would crank down the HP scaling… And uh… I would instead do guaranteed tops for 1 dude and the rest of ppl based on percentage.

Uh… what?

I guess you don’t really want to diversify gameplay…

I used to do Boots on the Ground.


??? no clue what you’re talking about, this encourages large groups lmao

this is talking conceptually, i simply hate the fact that they gave the 3rd bow class leather armor

this game was never made to last for 30 fuckin years, its a PERMADEATH game.

It can’t have anything more than a fairly simply gameplay loop (level 1 -> level 20 -> 6/8 -> 8/8 -> o2 -> endgame stuff) without having problems (people complain about the pot maxing system already), or softening the blow of permadeath (think level maxing potions and candies but more common).

If you want more variety, add more classes, there’s enough room right now for DECA to feasibly have there be 24 classes (+1 robe katana class, +3 misc. armor classes, and +3 heavy armor classes)

anyway this one was never an actual suggestion, i suggested the rest of them but this one was kind of the black sheep. this is more of a “if i traveled back in time to 2011 i would have made this suggestion”

make the realm more interesting then (already going to happen)

based!!! O_O

cringe!!! :((((

its useless monetization, if you want they can be unlocked through class quests

that still encourages small groups, the final boss of the entire game shouldn’t encourage small tightly organized groups.

this change would be coupled by making runes more common, obviously, and removing/nerfing ways to grief osanc.

osanc should encourage massive groups, its such an odd idea for the final boss of a MMO co-op game to not encourage the largest groups possible

i have a pet peeve when it comes to how the classes are structured in rotmg, this would just alieviate the issue

  • katana should be heavy armor or replaced by a heavy armor weapon

katanas were kind of a stupid weapon that were added out of nowhere because kabam thought to themselves, “OOOOHHHH NINJAS COOL O_O”, when there was clearly a heavy armor weapon begging to be added, because there were only 3 heavy armor classes.

instead, they introduced the katana, which was then put on a LEATHER armor class

so previously it was (or appeared to be): 3 armor types, 2 weapon types per armor type, 3 classes per weapon type (with a few gaps, but never more than this)
then the katana screwed that over by addign another leather armor weapon,

  • bard should be a leather armor class

and THEN deca came along and thought: “haha lol, what if i made it so that weapons and armor types didn’t match up? haha, time for bow robes, sword robes, wizard heavy XDDDD”
this is just something that irritates me btw

  • class unlock order needs to be reworked, its super inconsistent as is


(top row is starter classes, bottom row is 3rd tier classes) (this is sorted left to right by weapon range, wand, staff, bow, dagger, sword)

this is the current class unlock system at the moment, ignoring kabam+ classes
there IS a pattern here, but its super fucking inconsistent.

paladin is treated as a 3rd row class and a 2nd row class at the same time (priest unlocks it, but knight also unlocks it)

knight is treated as a 2nd row class and a 1st row class at the same time (warrior unlocks it at level 20, but no other class contributes to unlocking it)

sorcerer isn’t even unlocked by the priest or any wand class, instead being unlocked by necromancer and assassin

other than that it’s alright, but it needs a clean up

i’m not advocating for boots on the ground, i just think people should appreciate some enemies in the realm first before immediately teleporting to the grindlands


i sorta think i understand where your coming from with the hp scaling, but what does percentage based drop chances mean? Do you mean just… not guaranteed?

This doesn’t particularly scream “long term planning” here. You couldn’t have mid-game UTs + endgame UTs or the classes with the endgame UTs would have an advantage. If UT’s were mid-game its questionable how much they would be used. Lets suppose that all UTs are endgame then:

Except rings, no new items could be added to the game unless a class was also added. You couldnt add UTs (except rings), nor could you add tiered equipment because that would end up with UTS being non-endgame after 1-3 tiers would be added.

Unless you wish to say that the UTS should be replaced wth STs…? Technicallyi can see how that might work if thats what you’re suggesting.


x% for everyone, like perhaps 10% or 20% (obviously balanced so you don’t get them ALL the time)

i don’t really like the idea of power creep in a permadeath game, if you’re confused about my intentions for that opinon

for a game like rotmg i think the endgame should be fixed at a specific point (imo level 1 -> level 20 -> 6/8 -> 8/8 -> o2 -> endgame would be ideal)

also by exception of rings i mean instead of just one ut ring, 2-4 of them for each niche a ring could fill, the amount of ut rings would still be more or less fixed

and, to add onto this, this still adds up to 26-ish UT items (29 if there are UT armors), no small amount. If they’re sprinkled sparingly throughout each dungeon, event god, etc. you could pretty easily pack quite a bit of content into the game