Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


x% for everyone, like perhaps 10% or 20% (obviously balanced so you don’t get them ALL the time)

i don’t really like the idea of power creep in a permadeath game, if you’re confused about my intentions for that opinon

for a game like rotmg i think the endgame should be fixed at a specific point (imo level 1 -> level 20 -> 6/8 -> 8/8 -> o2 -> endgame would be ideal)

also by exception of rings i mean instead of just one ut ring, 2-4 of them for each niche a ring could fill, the amount of ut rings would still be more or less fixed

and, to add onto this, this still adds up to 26-ish UT items (29 if there are UT armors), no small amount. If they’re sprinkled sparingly throughout each dungeon, event god, etc. you could pretty easily pack quite a bit of content into the game


Ah, this is a fun one!

(I won’t touch the Osanc opinion, because I’m still not really a part of that, and would have the bias of an outsider.)

Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but if you don’t like the Ninja, then play the Samurai. I like being a glass cannon, even if it’s squishy! Zipping about is exhilarating. I don’t know. Having the extra range is nice when being more fragile. If you like having the speed and a heavy weapon, then play Warrior. There’s plenty of those players in Realm.

Since you stated that this is a pet peeve, I don’t think there’s much reasoning with that. Having the +10 def proc seems to be a reasonable compromise for the lack of def on a robe.

Another pet peeve, aye? I’d be curious to see how you’d do it. I agree that it’s tangled, but I never thought it mattered much in the grand scheme of things. There’s other games where I thought the unlock orders were odd as well, but so be it.

It sounds like you miss the simpler days of Realm, if I had to guess. As was previously mentioned, it would become increasingly difficult to introduce new content with a lack of loot variety. However, I would say that I don’t think some items should exist, being the ones that trivialize the use of other certain classes. It would appear that DECA is leaning towards reworking said other classes instead of the items.

Although I agree with the sentiment, I too, think that we should have a far better Realm (like Elder Realms) before I’d support this. Even for newer players that I work with, the Highlands rapidly become the only pseudo threat outside of the Godlands. The minor event bosses don’t even pose a large threat. How much more do the rest of us shred through those regions, even without pets?

Yes. I know that that’s a money thing for DECA, but limiting it to guilds and Realm running has my utmost approval. Any excuse to more trivialize the key popping server/Discords for these plentiful events with easy loot. They ruin whatever economy we had, but more importantly, everyone is obtaining rare loot. Gone are the days when more people were stuck mostly using tiered items. Now many of us not only have a ton of this rare gear, but we have more backups than we know what to do with.

I wish we could remove pets, but I think Vital Combat would be good to keep if they were ever removed. Healing faster as a reward to dodging is something the early game could’ve used. Being opted to sit out of a fight for at least half a minute because you slipped up (if not nexusing) seems… inhibitive. You aren’t always around medics, and removing pets would limit the healing power of those classes (which I do support. An abundance of MP is just as bad as an abundance of constant healing).

Again, a source of money for DECA, not to mention risky territory for removing them after so much money was put into the by some… though I have unofficial proposed that instead of an entire removal, we just remove the Heal/MHeal abilities (and possibly Electric). A compromise!

Full disagree with this one.

I have the luxury to that many skins without paying real money for any of it. Heck, I’ve only grinded 2 campaign events in my entire Rotmg career, so I’ve even missed a lot of the “exclusive” skins. If you think skins are stupid, you’re free to use the defaults, which are also cool (in my opinion.) Yes, there’s many skins that are cash grabs, but that’s on the self control of the players. Overall, I’d like to think that I’m a moderately successful F2P Realmer.

Well, that was enjoyable to pick apart! I await any response. (:


nah its more of a design point than anything, instead of adding a heavy armor weapon kabam added a leather armor weapon, which kind of fucked the symmetry that was starting to form (3 armors, 2 weapons per armor, 3 classes per weapon)
i don’t have anything against the classes themselves, just something that bugs me

my reasoning is that a bow class having robes throws the class symmetry off balance, if you want an idea of what i might actualyl do with bard, i’d give it leather armor and then revamp lutes to do something else, and give the inspired buff to some other class (perhaps on one of the heavy armor classes to replace katanas? tiered bows and range increases don’t help that much)

so the general pattern appears to be thus:
the top row classes all unlock eachother

(wizzy -> priest -> archer -> rogue -> warrior)

the top and middle row classes all unlock their more advanced counterpart

(wizzy-> necromancer, priest-> <inconsistency, perhaps summoner instead?>, archer -> huntress, etc.)

the top and middle rows also unlock a random more advanced class that would kind of make sense for it to

(wizard -> assassin, rogue -> huntress, etc.)

basically what i would do is make that the gold standard. perhaps archer level 20 could contribute to unlocking the knight? (slow/paralyze -> stun?) and necromancer would replace the priest as the secondary paladin unlocker (and trickster would not be unlocked by paladin anymore lol)

perhaps this isn’t unpopular, but it is something that people kept telling me “brooo who cares” when i talked about it, so i’m classifying it as that

somewhat, yeah. i do think that realm isn’t very suited to endlessly adding new content though, as it is permadeath.

completely agree, the realm should be made dangerous again, and its a crime how bland the highlands and mountains are. (seriously? only one biome for glands?)
the realm needs more structures, dangerous enemies, more unique patterns, etc.
something that could be cool is a seperation of event quests and bounty quests, and then the addition of semi rare, wandering level 20 quests sprinkled throughout the realm

one thing to add onto this idea, to both eliminate o3 discords and to stop people from clumping in servers, would be to cap realms at 1 per server, and then lower the server player limit to 85 (or 100, in addition to making realms cap at 100 players). this would make players no longer clump in uswest, and would make o3 discords less able to orchestrate their wicked havoc on the game

yeah this is kind of a pipe dream, but doesnt vital combat halve your hp/mp regen, or did they double it and then introduce vital combat?

yeah, perhaps skins should instead be unlockable via completing class quests.
i just think the monetization of them is pretty stupid and leads to restrictions of much needed qol features
(ie: we can’t have 0% opacity, what about skins??? deca money!!!)


Ah, ok, another symmetry preference. Can’t fight that, then.

I think that’s more of a fault of the progression system, not new content. Making leveling far more labor intensive, then requiring less pots to max out, maybe? I don’t know. Loose idea.

As much as I don’t like those Discords, I’m not trying to eradicate them. That’s a style of play that some people enjoy! I only wish so many weren’t attached to it… it’s still a personal vendetta, though. Some of us wish for something that is long gone still. Even if we got much more difficult a Realms, I wonder how many of them would be public, and how many would be Discord run.

No no no. What it did was double our vit while OoC, the send it back to normal regeneration when IC, just like the old system. IC also slowed your pet’s effectiveness. Vit now not only helps speed up your HP recovery, but also how soon you go back to being OoC without taking hits. And finally, higher def allows you to take heavier damage without triggering IC. I like the system, personally. It rewards dodging with faster healing than the old vit speed. It makes going petless even easier.


i mean, it is a symptom of permadeath, though. people wouldn’t complain about leveling and maxing if there was no permadeath

honestly, i wouldn’t be opposed to nerfing xp rates around the board, along with a realm revamp, to make leveling take a bit more time (and also make highlands/godlands prove threatening to level 20 adventurers)



The last thing I have to say is that if you don’t care for permadeath, there’s other games that don’t use it, if you don’t care for it. Regardless of whether it’s broken or not, it’s a core aspect of this game. Remove it, and Rotmg begins to lose its identity and distinction from other games in major ways. It gained a lot of headway because it was mixing genres in ways that hadn’t been tried before.

We can acknowledge that the system has flaws, but I wouldn’t want to remove it. I think that many players who realized that they didn’t like the awkward marriage of game styles have left to play the games they do enjoy, and I feel that that’s how it should be. Let Rotmg fade if the playerbase decides they don’t like it, I say! Not changing how it works…


sorry if it sounded like i wanted to remove it, i was just saying that it was a fundamental feature that the game needs to be built around


Fair enough. You wouldn’t be the first to wish it was removed if you were, though. I’ve heard it often enough.


Uh, so do you NOT want bard to have leather armor or do you WANT bard to have leather armor? Cuze your previous post said bard should have leather armor, and now you would hate if bard would’ve gotten leather?

My bad thought you were talking about loot based on damage done to boss %. Also soloing o3 would be much less rewarding if you only got life & mana, kinda like how people get pissed after going through a 40 minute dungeon, being the last one left, and only getting gvit from the king.

Did anyone really expect a game literally made from a game jam with spaghetti code to last further than a month? Yet it somehow lasted for 10 years. Ten. entire. years. Literally as long as Minecraft.

Actually, the permadeath aspect helped the game last waaaaay longer than it was supposed to. RotMG could’ve ended the moment people got every single item in the game, if permadeath was not a thing, and be like: welp, guess there’s nothing else. And everyone would’ve quit.

Would agree with the limiting the teleport if the realm is reworked, but DECA is gonna take a few years before that actually happens.


Well, we saw how well DECA tried to remove hackers. DECA deleting discords is only a temporary solution, as new discords will pop up.
Pretty much the only way people would be discouraged from using discords is introducing an ig voice chat, which is a whole new can of worms.

Okay so now I have to use the EUWest server despite being in the USWest area, making me lag and die more often to lag? Or do I have to wait at a 200 player queue for 1 hour to start my RotMG session? Of course, I do choose the best server for me, which is somewhere in USWest, but the RotMG community is larger than you think.

18 servers x 100 players per server is 1800 players. For the steam activity, which doesn’t even include the stand alone launcher, there has been at least 2000 players have been active since the exalt release. And remember, this is the conservative estimate. At MotMG 2021, there were 6000 players active in steam at one point. 6. 0. 0. 0!

Outside of combat, your pet still has the op healing it originally has, but once you get hit by practically any shot, your heal and mheal gets halved. Basically it encourages dodging and leeching at the same time.


typo sorry, meant robe

i mean yeah soloing a 25,000,000 hp o3 and getting only mana/life would be discouraging, but that’s kind of what i want, more people have more fun when runes are shared, so it would be ideal to encourage runes being popped as soon as o2 is killed, (by making it “more the merrier” rather than “don’t drag us down with your dogshit gear and untrained dodging”) instead of 20 minutes after when everyone’s left, so you can do your epic o3 solo or whatever

shit, you’re kinda right. perhaps 300 person single realms would be better, point is there’s a lot of useless realms with 2 people in them just taking up space, and they kind of enable o3 discords by existing

not really, i think it’d be possible to dampen their harm by making them more or less unnessecary (plus i do think organized expeditions into the realm to do specific dungeons could actually be fun, since its not bazaar -> dungeon -> bazaar, etc.)



as someone who runs with private discords what is this aiming to achieve? We just want to play the game without all of the toxicity that comes with trying to do a run in a large server.


you’re referring to them being griefable, right?


and also waiting for people to leave, ive had runs where we went to an empty realm with like 15 people and had 50 people in the wc not leaving


Why don’t you let them in?


if they pop runes sure, or if there are less of them than us, but no way do i want the people who purposely tried to find our location so they could leach off our runes. We rarely wait because we pop but when we have to wait to for a while its supper annoying.


My two cents on vital combat: I think it kinda sucks. It’s a somewhat awkard system that makes vit and wis inconsistent in their usefulness, which I find to be annoying more than anything. But that’s only when vital combat is making a significant impact on how I play the game, which is almost never.

I can only think of two things that vital combat does for rotmg:

  1. It makes def and vit more valuable compared to hp. (I don’t think hp meta is a good thing)
  2. Rewards dodging, by offering extra survivability.

The first one, I agree with. However, vital combat alone does’t do nearly enough to fix the hp meta problem, meaning we either have to add something else to fix it further (which could’ve been done in the first place), or make vital combat have a greater impact on the game. And having a large degree of inconsistency in hp/mp recovery sounds… really, really annoying, if anything.

As for the second one, rewarding dodging with extra survivability is just kinda dumb, imo. Dodging is already the most powerful tactic in the game for survivability [citation needed], so it doesn’t exactly need a buff in that respect.


Wis + Vit need another buff IMO. The Vital Combat did indeed increased their effectiveness a lot but not quite to my expectation.


Prior to Vital Combat, I’d’ve disagreed and noted the absurd amount of healing and purification going on during Lost Halls raids. Uncontestable 300+ HP very frequently, complete purification of any status effects, and pets healing you on top of that at a fixed rate was just absurd.


I completely agree. My hope is that enchantments will interact with Vit and Wis in some way that is heavily in sorcerer’s favor.