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No events should require you to buy into them


Horned drakes are delicious


I hear the Magic Woods’ Fountain Spirit has rather delicious water…


Take thisHoly Water


I’m not so sure I would settle for mwoods. Word of mouth says the crystal water in the Fungal Cavern is so full of natural minerals that you can’t get any better


Heard rumors that hon rivals crystal clear water, with increasing life expectancy. Apparently someone cleaned the queen’s nectar well enough to be a considered a delicacy.


Unpopular opinions:

An endgame item should be the best, but not to invalidate other items.

I personally do like Gladiator Guard and used it once, but hell? Overrated to the point that dudes barely use T15 anymore… Note: Opinionizing something overrated does not always equals to showing hate towards it.

When I opinionize that I prefer Robe of the Ancient Intellect as equally as Vesture/Diplo, I face backlashes as usual.

I personally find Sidearm really overrated and pretty much zzz to me.


I’d argue that the problem with endgame elitism is partially caused by the discord meta. People take some reqs sheets like its their gospel, and blindly attack people who don’t support the meta. A good example of this is omni and sphinx, while both giving the same dps stats, omni is only allowed on req sheets over sphinx because of the allure of omni, not because its actually better than sphinx in terms of dps


Small thing to point of, if purely looking at dps stats, that means by extension, t5 and t6 atk/dex rings would meet dps reqs. Not to mention esben’s ring, which lowers def in exchange for atk.

Not trying to deny that endgame elitism meta, since it’s very much a biased thing, but perhaps why these rings don’t meet dps reqs is due to the lack of survivability stats? The most suspect in survivability, the potato, at least has 6 defense and 6 spd, which isn’t great, but 12 dps stats certainly make up for it. Omni is even better, with 80 hp, 4 def, 4 spd, and 4 vit. You could say that mp is a survivalbility/dps stat, but mp regen/usage is better in prolonged fights.

I don’t run much O3 discords, so maybe those rings deserve to meet reqs if everyone is comfortable with having zero survivability.


if that was the case, why would they allow items such as esben ring in things such as null and allow things such as vesture and centaur’s shielding even though they actively worsen your survivability during a fight for something such as o3? The fact is that a lot of these “high reqs” discords (null, partially sbc,woland, sanctity, xere, etc.) only get mad that you don’t use there items because they don’t feel these items are “worthy” to be used in their runs because the items they have are “hard to get” or “drop from exaltation dungeons”


Skip this giant wall of text if you’re looking for unpopular opinions (maybe this should go to another thread? Feels like this is a bit much off topic)

I can see why vesture and centaur (now that I look back, doubting centaur) are allowed, despite the lack of survivability.


Vesture can give a whopping +20 atk in exchange for low defense. Comparing that with a regular t15 robe. Vesture has +14 more attack but -10 defense. No matter what you think, +14 dps stats more than an item that’s already meets dps reqs is huge dps. In addition, +10 spd is pretty huge for robe classes who move like slugs.


Centaur shielding isn’t as good as vesture. +12 dps, low def. When compared to t15 hide, it has -11 def. Just as bad as vesture. And it only gives +5 more atk under normal circumstances, which is much worse. Normally, this item is terrible. In fact, no sane person would actually use it in day to day realm. However, the next section shows it’s situational value.

Vesture & Centaur Potential in Group

However, where both of them shine is in groups and with specific items. 9/10 times a pally is in the group, or by using healing uts, the centaur shielding can go up to +24 attack. That’s +17 more attack than a t15 hide. While there’s a 1.5 sec cooldown, this can go on par with normal vesture. But vesture can go even further beyond, by removing the def debuff entirely using bard’s lute, whether it’s in your hands or group. Not only will you nullify the def, but you gain def too.


It is a lot of defense to sacrifice. But that’s what dps armors are. Tenne and mercy reach dps reqs, yet they have worse survivability than glad guard and centaur. This is due to the absolutely insane dps stats they give. Straight +16 atk from tenne, and +14 from mercy.

While +8/10 dps stats is really, REALLY appealing. But sacrificing all the hp, defense, spd, and vitality you could get from other rings is pretty bad. +8/10 dps stats ain’t worth it at that point.

Not sure on why esben’s ring is allowed in things like null, maybe they value 60 hp more than -5 defense a lot more than I thought?

While you could say the same thing for dps reqs, as they do throw away survivability stats. But there’re two reasons why they come out ahead:

Still has "some" survivability?

Dps armors don’t loss every point of defense, and tiered armors have no hp to . Of course, the loss of defense is still huge. Same thing with barely req dps rings, they don’t lose all their hp (omni), or def (potato). In fact, Omni has so much survivability that you don’t lose much from it, so lets put that solidly in the eligible dps section.

So lets look at potato and vesture (centaur is super situational to make it good, so I’ll come to it in the conclusion). Both of them still compensate with spd. At this point, you might still doubt that potato is good, like “Def doesn’t matter in endgame”, “Spd sucks”. If you have these thoughts, then, yeah, okay, to you, potato is a glorified t7 dps ring. However, vesture is different due to the next section

Insane, really insane, dps stats

The dps armors/rings can sacrifice a lot of def. But the dps you get back is equally rewarding, if not, more. Again, vesture gives +20 atk. Potato gives +12 dps (T7 ring if you ignore def/spd). Centaur +24 (situational), Mercy +14, Tenne +16. T6 rings give a flat +10, while sphinx gives +8, with a situational dps from MP. Omni only has +8 too, but it has survivability that sphinx never had.

Having pure dps is great, but no survivability whatsoever is horrible for those of us who aren’t master dodgers. Discords are biased, but not purely to satisfy their egos. Vesture is viable for insane dps, still have some def & spd. Centaur is trash, but decent dps in groups, by extension, discords. Esben ring seems to be viable since hp is more valued than def. Potato is a T7 dps ring, but viable dps req if factoring in def and spd. T5/T6/Sphinx have literally no survival stats, only viable by convincing the discords that every player (or just you) is fine without a single bit of survivability.

Skip this giant wall of text if you’re looking for unpopular opinions (maybe this should go to another thread? Feels like this is a bit much off topic)


(I personally think that it’s ok for where it’s at, especially because you condensed the wall of text. Some discussion on unpopular opinions is arguably a part of this thread, as long as people aren’t fixated on the same thing non-stop)

Well said. There was a few of us talking about this on my guild Discord a few days ago, and Josh was a part of that. It’s nice to see someone piece together the “deeper reasoning” behind some of the items… even if it doesn’t necessarily help us like the Discord groups any more haha

There’s only one point that confuses me a little. I could understand wanting survivability requirements in lower Discord runs, but why Elite ones? Yes, this requires more dodging, but isn’t the goal to be as flawless of a group as you can be anyway, skill wise? Is it a blow to pride if someone nexuses, or something? Or heck, outright dies? I’m having some disconnect here. Yeah, I don’t have all the fancy endgame gear some people have, so I can’t fully relate, and I’m asking as someone who cares very little for survivability stats.


Shatters isn’t harder than o3 and o3 isn’t harder than shatts. they’re hard in their own ways and cannot be compared to one another.


Alr you really made some great points, but I think you missed an important part of my argument with my original post that I think I should’ve clarified more. My point was that, what’s the point of completely banning items such as ubatt and ubdex when they literally deal more damage than 4 of the o3 rings? I can understand why they’d allow items such as vesture and centaur’s (and honestly my argument for those was pretty bad), but my point was is that most of the players who use discords care more about the dps stat over the survivability stats (with notable exceptions such as coronation). Why would they not be willing to AT LEAST give the option to chose dps>survivability. They are literally high reqs discord for a reason, so its mind-boggling to me why they wouldn’t be willing to allow people to use higher dps items in order to improve the run? It seems stupid as hell especially since some of these discords only allow members in after seeing if they’re skilled enough to push in in dungeons such as shatts and o3, and with skill like that, you’d assume survivability is the least of their concern. . .


Apologizes, didn’t really know that elite discords actually were okay if raiders were running a dps 600 hp build with 25 def. Also didn’t know that most raiders in these discords were fine with this too.

As I said before, never ran that many discord runs (much less elite discords), and acknowledged that players might not care in the first place, so maybe it wasn’t correct for me to put these arguments down (had fun analyzing items, so no regrets!).

So looking at your points and Bookwyrm’s at this perspective, yeah, it’s kinda baffling that they don’t allow UB rings as dps rings in these high req discords.

If said players are good enough at the game so that survivability isn’t a concern, then discords that have a majority of these people should differentiate their dps reqs from the other, more public discords. Public discord reqs make a lot of sense (especially when its wizard dps reqs, since close ranged dps builds are hard to go in deep for newer players), but not elite.


A.S.S. is a powerful and viable sword (at least if you don’t have Divinity)!


Or if you don’t have Chipper. It’s the first weapon that made midgame content such a steam roll for me.


Idk about doku being bad, good dps with crowd control and extremely easy to get. also, tricksters are extremely helpful for so many boss fights, (Mbc, shatters, Gemsbok, etc.). Not trying to argue, just giving my 2 cents.


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