Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Apparently, Doku no Ken used to not have the 1,000 damage poison buff, so it was less desirable in the past. Now, it not only rivals top tier katanas, but also kind of power crept Assassin. (rip)


I Did not check the date, and I am sorry for that. But i still believe in the points i made. Trickster was still useful in 2018 and doku was pretty good still especially considering that better katanas such as enforcer were not released at that time.


rotmg looks better than elden ring if you play rotmg in 4k, 120hz, on an OLED screen, and a 3080 graphics card


trickster was still useful in 2018, however nowhere near where it is now.
Trickster hasn’t gotten much better, as much as it has been more viable with the changes in the game. When Xak made that comment, the game was incredibly facetank with mseal+puri meta, and despite the usefulness of decoys, they simply were not needed with how the game was, and iirc, rogue was seen as a much better rushing class. So, trickster just wasn’t appreciated back then, despite being so popular now while having so few changes, other than the new gear that was added which doesn’t even transform how its played too much afaik.


Good point, but uh, I never mentioned Trickster at all.


Jod, have I gone old?

I remember back when Doku blew every existing katana out of the water, unjustifiably so. I was ever so relieved to see it put into a spot where it, at the very least, was at least a little worse than T12…

Now it is what it is, I guess.


Not even sure if this is unpopular but RotMG is 100% p2w and DECA’s weekly events are padding their pockets while hurting the game as a whole.


add dungeon/“raid” checkpoints

no one wants to do 5 hour straight shatters run lol


doesn’t that ruin the point. Takes the risk out of it right? Also if you’re a discord person and you have a good set, I heard that woland did good quick shatters runs.


Since the subreddit is panicking about the game dying, I thought sharing this take;
Realm of the Mad God has been beaten by its community.

The final boss and climax of the game O3 can be efficiently farmed with minial risk, to the point where non-maxed characters have completed it. Oryx 3, the logical conclusion to the game isn’t scary or intimidating anymore to the general playerbase, and the game starts to feel pointless from that.

The Shatters has not yet been mastered by the majority of endgame players, but enthousiasm for it seems low. Everyone has their own reasons, too difficult, too long, not friendly for public groups. A main reason for me, its that there is no narrative push to complete it. Beating the tauting and ever present Oryx is the focus of the game, thats why you are willing to continue trying Osanc, even after losing multiple 8/8s to Dammah PvP. Shatters is just another exalt dungeon, with a story that is disconnected from the rest of the game. Even if the Shatters lore was good, it wouldn’t ever justify Shatters being as difficult and important as O3. (Lore in RotMG is just not really possible to begin with with pirates, aliens and Mad Scientists ect. running around)

There are other reasons I dont want to do the new Shatters, I dislike the art (no offense), the items seem too gimmiky to be fun, dying or being forced to nexus just seems unfair and random. All of these stated issues can be fixed whitin the dungeon itself, however. Lost Halls 1.0 has quite similar issues. Fixing the lack of narrative motivation is almost impossible until Fouryx is announced, or DECA completely overhauls the game, meaning this is a challenge that will stand in the way of any future endgame content. The future of the game for me is therefore quite foreboding.


The game is dead because nothing is public anymore, every new content is private keys and 99% of players are in bazaars, and the realm maps haven’t been upgraded since 2010, theres such an abysmal distance between the gameplay of a ‘medium’ to ‘pro’ player to newbies, it’s like they’re playing a different game.

…while in the past we, as public realms, were all working together and beating the big man. In-Realm content felt valuable back then.

They should work on expanding and making the easily accessible realm content better. Maybe do something to stop segregating players and try to unite them for once

edit: I said the same thing in 2018


Yep. In order for a game to thrive it has to be able to take in new players. Many new players probably don’t want to play the game and for good reason to… The tutorial gives literally no information about how the game works and if you don’t find out about discords, the endgame dungeons are basically impossible to complete. People aren’t entertained at slowly clearly realms by themselves. Part of the fun of it in the past was screwing around with other people, something that doesn’t happen anymore outside of discords.


True and fact

Sadly, I don’t know if there’s even a way to salvage what’s left of the realm experience. DECA’s insistence on catering to things that actively undermine said experience have made the position of fixing the game much harder than what it was back in 2016 and at this point its kinda boring to watch. Same mistakes made over and over again, and belly aching over bad decisions and poor development choices either ignored or minor changes with no real fix.

And to expand on my point about “raid” checkpoints:

The purpose checkpoints in “raids” would to be counteract the disjointed risk factor for public runs in the realm. For example, if a pug of 30 people for shatters spends like an hour getting to the archmage, but either all die or nexus. No problem, with these checkpoints that 30 man pug can just get back at that checkpoint, losing no progress and not having to do the previous encounters over again. This would encourage people to keep trying and work with each other. Imo it wouldn’t be a good idea to carry this type of system over to keyed dungeons, as that would be a mess and a half.

It does take some risk out of it, but that doesn’t necessarily ruin the point. The whole reason why we’re here in the first place is because of this risk factor associated with endgame content. Shit just takes too long for pub groups, and doesn’t have the safety nets that a discord group has (ie large amounts of players, organized runs, and consistent rewards).

While I like challenge and some amount of risk, I also want approachable content that respects my time, a lot of content in the game currently doesn’t do the latter, and thus fails to do the former. Why else would people be joining raid discords.


This is what hurts, honestly. I’ve tried to give DECA the benefit of the doubt (for most things; there’s a couple of inexcusable instances) for a long time, I really have. Even now I cling to some of that, but I’ve got to wonder what on earth is going on behind those closed doors sometimes. I know that there’s newer devs coming in, and some of the old ones gone, and I can even accept some programming oversights (although… testing seems to be a mess on more than one level, heh), but there’s just some repeated blunders that quickly become upsetting after having to deal with them for as long as we have.

Whispers menacingly: Elder Realms is a cool idea that needs some mild polishing, guys! There’s a bigger “baddie” than Oryx and ties so much of the current lore nonsense together


I think I sort of understand. Making public dungeons easier means nerfing private keys, which I think we’re all in for, but it probably wouldn’t have such a big positive effect you expect, because it’s still sort of a subtle change and doesn’t change discord key grind meta. It’s still depressing to play in big realms with only 10 people.


Realm shouldn’t have left the browser.


Nah… leaving the browser was necessary cause flashplayer was being removed. Plus it truly did reduce the amount of lag significantly and added several nice features


unity has browser support, even easier for a 2D game, i dont understand to this day why they killed browser.

its like a huge thing to get new players easier


Exalts should reset when your character dies



That’s the exact opposite of what exalts are for.