Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


I’d be down for that but they’d need to SEVERELY change the amount of dungeons required to get exalts; doing 600 dungeons on one character sounds dreadful


How should they handle the excessive amount of Exalts though?


DECA intended for exalts to make endgame players continue grinding the game, not as actual progression for all of the playerbase. If exalts were made easier, then hundreds of players that are DECA’s income for money would quit the game after they exalted all of their classes, since there’s literally nothing else to do. The other outcome would be that DECA would have to release poorly implemented content frequently on top of events, which is much worse than where we are now.

Of course, DECA shot themselves in the foot with the forge system that removed any incentive to grind certain dungeons, but they don’t need to shoot themselves more than they already have.


Probably not that unpopular, but adding this to the campaign was a terrible idea.


Incredibly popular because its not an opinion its a fact


There should be a forge for STs and STs that drop outside of exalt dungeons should be tradeable


UTs and STs should not be tradable nor forgable :slight_smile:


Half that is already true. Most ST’s are soulbound, with only really old stuff like Mystic Phylactery Set or Priest Geb Set being tradable. Similar thing with UT’s, only early-midgame UT’s are tradable. As for forge, it’s supposed to be a pity system for players who struggle to get UT’s, although I do admit it is kind of broken if you have a lot of UT’s to use, but those players just need to touch grass.


This has been a “make an opinion, then receive counterpoints” thread for a long while. When will we witness the return unpopular opinions again without the nagging for them being illogical or, well, unpopular?


i feel like this thread is about making an unpopular opinion and defending that opinion


seems like that is a unpopular opinionin itself now haha


in addition to what Herwin said,

one of the first 5 unpopular opinions posted here was contested within the first 10 messages of this thread.

there won’t be a “return” to “just” unpopular opinions because stating your unpopular opinion and defending it was the entire point of the thread, judging my the first 10 messages sent here over 4 years ago

These two messages specifically.


Realm is very fun


Some of the event bosses gotta go. Specifically the event bosses that are just a drag for junk drops, like Killer Queen’s Nest.


Old lod black dragon fight was fun


I’d actually agree with this, minus the fact that there would always be the melees hiding in the corner and just waiting for the chest. But when you did manage to beat the black dragon it was a pretty exhilarating feeling.