Post your unpopular opinions about realm here



Not sure if it works from backpack to inventory.

lmfaoI thought you’d have known, considering you’ve probably processed more items than I’ll ever see in my realm career. And yes go make that post x)


GAME. CHANGER. Thanks a million.

Just tested. It does!


Trickster is super useful and good. solo, while in a group, in every situation. Picked him up recently, having a lot of fun.


Not all mystics hate you and want to make your life miserable. In fact, mystic is a fun class. Blame the devs (current and past) for making things such as chests stasisable.





No! Punish the cowardly fake melees!

Who even dies when at Csword range?

Lol, me.

But seriously Csword is too common a drop in conjunction with being a trainingwheels sword to deserve 5%; Ray though, maybe its rarity does warrant a 5%


4% then! At least let it stand up to the other most-used swords! I just want it to have a little love ;n;


The shatters is a shit dungeon


Aww, my heart, i’m really offended.


not all that unpopular, fam


since people are shitting on omni my unpopular opinion is that it’s a good ring


It’s quite situational, not being good on some characters and being pretty nice on others.

This is the definition of a good ring to me, isn’t it? The only flaw I find it to have is to be way too rare for the actual benefits it gives.


It’s hard for basically any other ring besides deca/ubhp to be a good ring. Omni might not actually be such a terrible choice, but because hp rings exist, it just pales way too much in comparison. That’s my personal take anyway


Omni can never be a bad ring- it’s just that there will always exist a better option due to its lack of focus on any particular stat.

Spamming heals on a priest? Gemstone.
Max DPS? Crown.
Max survival? Deca.

There is no one category (other than raw flexing) in which the Omni is the best, but it is (almost by definition) the best all-rounder ring.

However, the structure of realm doesn’t really lend itself to all-rounders, especially in the rings category.


Well said :clap:


Oryx 2’s exploding suns phase is harder than dance phase. With dance phase, you have well-telegraphed attacks with clear spots to dodge in between. Sure, it’s punishing if you get hit and you don’t have as many heals, but it’s actually not too hard to dodge the attacks. Exploding suns, on the other hand, has projectiles that are incredibly difficult to dodge and deal 100 damage per projectile. The only real way of surviving it (unless you’re a god and can somehow solo it) is if you have a large group and lots of priests.


If you count “surviving it”, as being able to stand around Oryx for the duration of the phase, I wouldn’t disagree; however, dipping in and out is also a tried-and-true method of getting past it.


That the Expeimental ring used to be bad